Pacific Yearly Meeting is a community of “liberal, unprogrammed” Friends (Quakers) and Quaker Meetings in parts of 3 countries: Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States, including 3 states of the USA: California, Hawai’i, and Nevada. We’re called a “Yearly Meeting” because we meet annually to worship together and conduct our business, while we strive to live our faith every day in our local meetings and communities. Read more about PYM here.

Pacific Yearly Meeting is:

People …
  • We are the more than 1,500 members and attenders of Quaker meetings in our region.
  • We have programs and activities for youth, families, and a vibrant intergenerational community.

See our calendar and information on youth and intergenerational activities

A Regional Community Made up of Local Groups …
  • We are the 50 or so local meetings: 1 in Guatemala City/Antigua, 1 in Mexico City, and the rest in 3 states of the USA: California, Hawai’i, and Nevada.
  • … and the Friends among us who are in transition and not currently affiliated with a local meeting, such as some Young Adult Friends
A Gathering …

Our 2017 Annual Session will be held at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA, USA from Friday, July 14 through Wednesday, July 19, 2017. Registration information will be posted after Representative Committee meets in March.

A Participatory Community …
  • We are the volunteers and staff doing work as committees, officers, boards, and working groups on behalf of the whole and in service of peace and justice.

Representative Committee will meet the first weekend of March 2017 (Friday 3/3 and Saturday 3/4) at Palo Alto Friends Meetinghouse. “RepCom” plans for the Annual Session and considers business that needs attention before the Annual Session. Registration information will be posted soon.

List of officers, committee members, and representatives is on the Nominating Committee’s page.

A Structure for Service and Action …
  • The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, is one of the traditional peace churches. Since Friends believe that peace can come through social and environmental justice, we have a strong emphasis on carrying our faith into action.

PYM has a booklet on Leadings, “Faithfulness in Action,” to help 
 understand how to discern
 get support

We have committees such as Unity with Nature, Peace & Social Concerns, and Latin American Concerns at the Yearly Meeting level, as do our local Meetings. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or know someone who has gifts in one of these areas, contact a member of the PYM or a local Nominating Committee.

General Announcements

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