Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

Queries for Children

By Members of the Worship and Ministry and Children's Education Committees
of Orange Grove Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Worship-Query for the First Month

Come to Meeting for Worship; it takes practice to worship.

Do I come into Meeting quietly, ready to be quiet and find my spiritual center?

Do I feel God's Spirit drawing us together?

Am I ready to speak of God asks me to?

Spiritual Life-Query for the Second Month

We grow in our spirits as well as our bodies.  So does our Meeting.

Am I aware of God's presence in my life?  Am I thankful for it?

When do I spend time with God?

Do I try to learn about God?

Do I share what I learn with others in Meeting?

Meeting for Worship on the Occasion of Business-Query for the 3rd Month

We try to conduct our decision making meetings as a form of worship.  We believe that when we do, God is working through us in the world, and love and unity are maintained among us.

When I participate in group activities do I listen and share with my friends and classmates?  Are my words helpful?

Do I show respect to people taking care of me?

Stewardship and Vocation-Query for the 4th month

Stewardship means that we are responsible for using our time, talents, and possessions wisely and generously.  Vocation is something you just know you're meant to do.

Do I use my gifts wisely and generously?

Do I follow my heart in choosing what to do?

Do I share according to the Light I am given without going beyond my strength?

Does my behavior at school go with my life as a Friend?

Am I helpful to people whose lives are changing?

Harmony with CreationQuery for the 5th month

We are part of the community of life on earth and need to work to understand it.

How do I thank God for this world?

Did someone harm the earth so I could have what I want?

Do we understand that people in other parts of the world live differently, and may see things differently than we do?

Does the way we live hurt or help the earth?

Social and Civic Responsibility Query for the sixth month

Social and civic responsibility means we should not be content to live in an unjust world.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

What can I do if I see things that are unfair?

Do I know how my Meeting is helping people and do I participate in these activities?

Do I try to understand why people are poor or unhappy, not only here but throughout the world?

Reaching out--Query for the 7th month

Reaching out means talking about our beliefs.

Do people know what I believe by the things I do and say?

What do I say when people ask if I'm a Quaker?

Do I know what my friends believe?

How do I learn about Quaker beliefs?

Am I friendly to newcomers?

Am I friendly to people who talk differently or look different from me?

Simplicity--Query for the 8th month

Simplicity begins with placing God at the center of our lives.

Do I let God help me make the right choices?

Am I wasteful?

Do I want all the toys I see on t.v. , even though my room is full?

Do I tell the truth?

Do I always want more even though I have enough?

Does my Meeting help me understand how to live simply?

Integrity and Personal Conduct: Query for the 9th month

Integrity means speaking and behaving honestly all the time.

Do I speak truthfully and keep my promises even when it is hard?

Do I speak and act kindly, making sure that no one is hurt by what I do or say?

Do I ask God for help when I don't know what to do?

If my heart tells me something is wrong, do I speak up?

Do I take care of my body because it is God's gift?

Personal Relationships--Query for the 10th Month

Quakers try to see that of God in everyone: we are all children of God.

Am I kind to people in my home?

Do I know why I don't get along with some people?

If someone hurts me, whom do I talk to?

Do we share our deepest thoughts with our parents and our friends and listen when they want to talk?

Do I participate in Meeting activities?

PeaceQuery for the 11th month

Be a peacemaker.  Quakers believe that violent words or deeds do not solve conflicts.  We believe that violence hurts that of God within ourselves and others.

Do I live in the Spirit that takes away the causes of violence?

Do I let God help me be a peacemaker?

Do I try to stop people from hurting others?  Do I try not to hurt others?

When I see hatred and unfairness, do I try to make it better?

How can I help my Meeting work for peace?

Do I understand that creating peace takes both courage and love?

The Meeting CommunityQuery for the 12th Month

"The Meeting Community" means we take care of each other.

Do we take care of each other and cooperate?

Do I forgive people?  Do I apologize?

When I speak of others, am I kind?  Do I know the difference between tattling and telling in order to help someone?

Do I believe that everyone has the right to be here?

Do I listen with an open heart; do I truly listen?

Do I welcome people in my home?

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