iPad Instructions

Issue: Password-Protected PDF files can not be viewed in Safari on Apple iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone.

Solution: View Password-Protected PDF in iBooks. Here’s how:

  • In Safari, click on the Password-Protected PDF link to open a black page with scrambled page title at top,
  • Tap in the upper region of the black area for a hidden drop-down menu,
  • Scroll over to far right of page, especially if you are in Portrait mode,
  • Select the far right button entitled “Open in…”,
  • Which drops down a list of installed applications compatible with the “Open In…” function,
  • Select “iBooks” and file will auto-magically open in iBooks, which then allows you to enter the password to open and read content. I’m told that this file type can also be opened with “Docs-To-Go” if you have that App installed.