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QuakerSpeaklogoQuakerSpeak is a project of Friends Journal, in association with Friends General Conference, Quaker Voluntary Service and Quaker Finder.
(A sampling of these videos is below. For the most recent releases, please visit the QuakerSpeak site directly.)

QuakerSpeak video: Why I Don’t Wear a Tie in Court. Scott Holmes, a Quaker lawyer from Durham, North Carolina, felt led to stop wearing a tie in the courtroom. This is his story of exploring that leading and its implications.

QuakerSpeak video: Advice for White Men. Niyonu Spann, founder of Beyond Diversity 101, talks about her idea of heaven and how she invites everyone (including white men) to fully bring it.

QuakerSpeak video: Do you think that Quaker Meeting might be for you or someone you know? Come check us out!

QuakerSpeak video: What is a Quaker? Most people are unfamiliar with the Quaker religion, or they confuse us for the guy on the Quaker Oats box. In this video, we ask 6 Friends what it means to be a practicing Quaker.

QuakerSpeak video: Are Quakers Amish? “You’re a Quaker? You mean, like, Amish?” It’s something every Quaker has heard. Max Carter, professor of Quaker religion studies at Guilford College, tells us about the differences between Quakers and the Amish.

QuakerSpeak video: The Quaker Practice of Surrendering the Self-Will. Marcelle Martin on the Quaker practice of surrendering the self-will and how this practice will be absolutely crucial if we are going to avoid catastrophe.

QuakerSpeak video: How Quakers Can Transform The World. Noah Baker Merrill discusses sacramental living, Quaker Voluntary Service, and how our Quaker prophetic witness can transform the world.

QuakerSpeak video: #QuakerProblems – When these four Earlham College students were standing in line for hot dogs, one of them cracked a joke about something being a “Quaker Problem”. Little did they know it would become a full-on international Quaker meme within a matter of weeks

QuakerSpeak video: The History of Quaker Plain Speech. The Quaker conviction of equality sometimes caused small changes in behavior that ultimately had radical consequences. Thomas Hamm explains the origins of Quaker plain speech.

QuakerSpeak video: Every Murder is Real. Victoria Greene’s son, Emir, was killed in 1997, one of countless victims society ignores. Now her ministry is to support families of murder victims and bring attention to the fact that every murder is real.

QuakerSpeak video: How Quakers Make Decisions (It’s Not Just Consensus!). Eden Grace explains how the sacred discernment of seemingly trivial decisions can transform the world.

QuakerSpeak video: The (mostly) ridiculous history of Quakers in the movies, as well as Quaker references.

QuakerSpeak video: What is “the Light,” and why are Quakers so excited about it?

QuakerSpeak video: “Form Without Substance”. Michael Birkel explains that Quakers threw out everything they saw as “empty forms” in the church of their day, including communion and baptism.

QuakerSpeak video: O explains “I Am Always at Quaker Meeting for Worship.”

QuakerSpeak video: Paul Buckley explains: How Quakers Read the Bible.

QuakerSpeak video: Quakers and Women in Ministry.

QuakerSpeak video: Justimore Musombi: Being Gay is Just OK (part 1). Justimore was a Quaker pastor in Kenya. That is, until he came out of the closet. Now he can’t go home.QuakerSpeak video: Justimore Musombi: Being Gay is Just OK (part 2).

QuakerSpeak video: Paulette Meier: Quaker Faith in Song.

QuakerSpeak video: Why Quakers Are Pacifists. George Lakey about Quakers’ call to struggle, the myth that violence works, and how that’s all changing.

QuakerSpeak video: Quaker Silence. A diverse group of Friends tells what they find most valuable about silence in Meeting for Worship.

QuakerSpeak video: Trayce Peterson: Student Activism as Prophetic Ministry.

QuakerSpeak video: Traci Hjelt Sullivan: “The Faithfulness Lecture”.

QuakerSpeak video: How Quakerism Began. Max Carter, a professor at Guilford College, shares the story of George Fox.









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