PYM AS 2015 – Called Meeting for Business

Friday, July 17, 2015

The Presiding Clerk, Steven Smith, convened the meeting at 8:30 pm with worship.

The Presiding Clerk reviewed earlier efforts this week on this issue. Thanks were given for the work of the Finance Committee.

Finance Report. Laura Magnani (Strawberry Creek) passed out hard copies of the revised budget, which reflects listening to the comments that have been made. This revision reflects full funding of the delegate, so the Treasurer has the ability to carry out the policies. The full funding was made by using reserves. Therefore the increase in fee per member will no longer be raised to $110 from $95, but to $100 per member, for meetings that are part of SCQM and CPQM. Lesser amounts are assigned for the meetings not in quarterly meetings, Hawaii and Guatemala assessed $41 per member, and Mexico City Meeting assessed $20 per member.

Guidelines are being looked into for travel and expenses in the future. The Finance Committee will start that process.

$9,000 remains the amount for donations to organizations. The Office at the UN line item was put back into the budget.

The current level of reserves is now $122,000, but this amount does not yet reflect contributions to the organizations and some other expenses. Therefore the approximate level of reserves after those expenses is $95,000 to $100,000.

In response to questions some line items were clarified.

In response to a question about the clarification of the meaning of “under the care of,” the Finance Committee indicated that this question is being continuously examined. This phrase needs clarification but cannot be fully resolved in this Meeting for Business, and needs to be deferred to a future time. Roy Allen of the Finance Committee offered to examine the various meanings attached to the phrase “under the care of: in PYM, and to bring that information to Finance Committee.

A discussion ensued on the pros and cons of having a budget that draws upon reserves to match the total travel costs, or using augmentations if needed. Clarifications were made on certain line items of travel.

The Treasurer noted a budget correction in Line 5278, FGC Central Committee. The amount should be changed from $21,000 to $1,000.

The Treasurer requests specific approval for the donations to organizations as listed for this year’s budget be approved for next year’s budget as well.

A request was made to use the Nominating Committee roster for determining the number of delegates reflected in the budget.

The revised budget presented by Finance Committee was approved with one Friend standing aside. The list of donations to organizations as listed for this budget year is also approved for the next year’s budget. (Attachment #1)

AS Minute 2015-06 Pacific Yearly Meeting approves the revised Finance Committee Report.

Minutes were read, corrected and approved.

Announcements were made.

The meeting closed with worship.