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a guide to quaker discipline in the experience of pacific yearly meeting of the religious society of friends.
published 2001

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vi: activities and organization of the yearly meeting

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The Yearly Meeting as an Organization

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We gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Friends who have permitted us to use material for this Faith and Practice.


management of funds

 Pacific Yearly Meeting has several special funds. In addition to those described below, there are special funds managed by specific committees. The East-West Relations and Unity with Nature Committees each manage funds designed for special purposes associated with their committees. Their funds derive primarily from designated contributions or from subscriptions to publications.

fund for concerns: The Ministry and Oversight Committee administers the Fund for Concerns. Its purpose is to assist members and attenders of Monthly Meetings to follow individual leadings arising from peace, social order, or spiritual concerns. It is not intended to underwrite organization or committee projects.

 Individuals may apply for funds through their Monthly Meeting, which in turn applies to the Ministry and Oversight Committee on their behalf. <See Concerns and Leadings p. 44>. Earmarked contributions from Meetings form the primary source of this fund.

the sharing fund is administered by the Ministry and Oversight Committee. It is available to assist members and attenders who have unusual needs of a personal nature. Individual requests go first to the Monthly Meeting. When approved by the Monthly Meeting, they go to the Pacific Yearly Meeting Ministry and Oversight Clerk. The primary source of this Fund is earmarked contributions from Monthly Meetings.

 the pacific yearly meeting attendance assistance fund is administered by the Ministry and Oversight Committee. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to individuals and families who might otherwise be deterred from attending the annual Yearly Meeting session. Guidelines for application are available from the Ministry and Oversight Clerk. Contributions to this fund are solicited from attenders of the Yearly Meeting during the registration process. Meetings and individuals are invited to contribute to the fund.

 the howard and anna brinton memorial visitor fund is a joint project of Pacific, Intermountain, and North Pacific Yearly Meetings. The fund is used to pay the expenses of the Brinton Visitor and is administered by the Pacific Yearly Meeting Ministry and Oversight Committee through its Brinton Visitor Subcommittee. The fund is replenished by contributions from Meetings and individuals.

 the peace tax fund is administered by the Yearly Meeting Treasurer. Persons who withhold a portion of their federal income taxes for reasons of conscience may deposit the withheld money in the fund and withdraw it to pay what is due to the Internal Revenue Service when necessary.

the student conscience fund is administered by a committee composed of the clerks of the Peace and Social Order and Finance Committees, and a designated member of the Ministry and Oversight Committee. Its purpose is to provide financial assistance to students who were denied federal or state grants because they refused to register for Selective Service. Guidelines, available from the Clerk of Ministry and Oversight Committee, include a plan for repayment of the funds. This fund, which was derived from contributions, is designed to revert to the Fund for Concerns if it is no longer needed as a consequence of changes in the federal laws.