JYM Teens

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Friends are teens, typically ages 13-18, between Children’s Program and Young Adult Friends. There are activities at annual session that middle schoolers and JYM do together to prepare for a transition to JYM from Children’s Program. Please contact the clerks of these committees to determine the best program fit for a particular Friend.

Calendar and general information for youth.

Info about JYM 2015 and the Annual Session at Walker Creek Ranch, July 13-18, 2015.

Info for FRAPs (Friendly Responsible Adult Presences): see the Adult Allies/FRAPs page for details.


Important Reading

Call to Junior Yearly Meeting 2015

Dear Junior Yearly Meeting Attenders,

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) 2015 is just around the corner, and all of us from the JYM planning committee are interested in having you join us! While there is a general age limit (grades 9-12 are recommended), attendance is based primarily upon maturity level and self-readiness. So don’t hesitate to ask your parents, anyone on the JYM planning committee, or even other Quakers familiar with the program about registering for JYM, the Middle School program, or as a Young Adult Friend.

This summer, Pacific Yearly Meeting is taking place at Walker Creek Ranch from July 13 thru 18, so mark your calendars now! JYM is an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and a strong community with other teens as well as the Friendly Responsible Adult Presences (FRAPs) who stay with us.

Should you have concerns about your parents not being able to attend and/or money issues, chances are you may still be able to attend. There is a lot of financial aid available, as well as possible help from both your monthly and yearly meetings. If your parents are not planning on attending, don’t count yourself out! There are Quaker adults who would be happy to sponsor you for the duration of JYM. Ask an adult you trust or someone from your Meeting who is attending and able to sponsor, or feel free to ask our JYM adult co-clerk, Steve Leeds, if you need help finding a sponsor.

Junior Yearly Meeting is a welcoming self-led community where we, along with the FRAPs, decide our own values and expectations; these accommodate both parental concerns and what we expect from one another. The week is filled with games, worship sharing, taking part in a service project, community night, transformative workshops, creative expression, and a huge dance party!

If all this sounds something like you’d enjoy, don’t wait another second!

See you there!

What is JYM?

“Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) is composed of Friends of junior high and high school age. They may hold a Yearly Meeting or meetings of their own during the PYM annual gathering, Quarterly Meetings, or at other times chosen by the Junior Yearly Meeting Committee. In keeping with Friends’ practices, they select officers and committees as needed, hold sessions and take such actions as are appropriate.

“These may include the composition of a Junior Yearly Meeting epistle or epistles. Youth are welcome at Yearly Meeting plenary sessions, and are asked to bring reports of their own sessions at an agreed time. JYM is an important part of the Yearly Meeting community and is encouraged to participate fully in all aspects of PYM. The Junior Yearly Meeting [Adult] Committee appoints Advisors to the Junior Yearly Meeting.” (See below for description of the adult committee.)

(From PYM Faith & Practice, p. 170)


2015 JYM Planning Committee:

Email: jym [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org
Note: PYM emails aren’t working at the moment.

  • Natasha Herrera (Mexico City)
  • Maya Price (Berkeley Friends Church)
  • Jarod Rischpater (Palo Alto)

M&O Clerk:

  • David Shaw (Clerk, Santa Monica)
  • Rose Nadis (Santa Barbara)
  • Miles Pangelina (Berkeley)
  • Nina Shaw (Santa Monica)


JYM Adult Committee:

Email: jymadultcommclerks [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org
Note: PYM emails aren’t working at the moment.

  • Sue Torrey (Central Coast)
  • Steve Leeds (San Francisco)

What does the Adult Committee do?

“The Junior Yearly Meeting [Adult] Committee serves as a support group for the Junior Yearly Meeting and as the liaison between Junior Friends and Pacific Yearly Meeting. The committee is responsible for providing appropriate adult leadership during Junior Yearly Meeting activities and is available to advise and counsel the Junior Friends. It helps Junior Friends arrange programs during the annual Junior Yearly Meeting <see p. 120> and at other times of the year. Ministry and Oversight appoints a liaison to this committee, to facilitate communication in both directions.

“The committee, officers and Clerks of the Junior Yearly Meeting and other interested Junior Friends usually meet at the Representative Committee session to plan for Junior Yearly Meeting. The Clerk of the committee and the Clerk of Junior Yearly Meeting jointly report to Representative Committee. The committee may also meet at other times.

“The committee consists of eight members who serve three-year overlapping terms, of whom two or three are appointed annually. To the extent possible, members of this planning group also attend Representative Committee. The Clerk or Clerks of Junior Yearly Meeting are members of Representative Committee ex officio.”

(From PYM Faith & Practice, p. 183)