Welcome to Pacific Yearly Meeting! We’re a community of “liberal, unprogrammed” Friends (Quakers) and Meetings in parts of 3 countries. We’re a year-round community, and we have an gathering each summer, “PYM Annual Session.”
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News from the North Bay Area Fires- California (10/10/17)

Announcements and Quick Links

  • PYM Annual Session 2017 (July 14-19) has concluded
  • Representative Committee Meeting 2018 will be held March 2-4, 2018.  Location is TBD in Southern California
  • PYM Annual Session 2018 will be held July 13-18, 2018, at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA, USA.  The theme of the session will be “Radical Vulnerability.”
  • View “Cracking the Codes,” made available here for free thanks to the PYM Racial Justice Subcommittee of Ministry and Oversight and the PYM Youth Programs Fund. Please encourage Friends and Meetings to view and discuss it
  • Website: We are in the process of redesigning and cleaning up this website. Thank you for your feedback and patience!