Welcome to Pacific Yearly Meeting!

We’re a community of a wide variety of “unprogrammed” Friends (Quaker) Meetings in parts of Mexico and the western USA.  After decades of independence we recently became affiliated with Friends General Conference.  We’re used to calling ourselves PYM, but in FGC there is another PYM, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, so we’re starting to say PacYM instead.  Our book of Faith and Practice describes the beliefs of Friends, PacYM’s structures and processes, and the spiritual foundation of these processes and of our way of worship. We’re a year-round community, and we have a summer gathering we call “PYM Annual Session.” Western Friend is the official publication of Quakers in Pacific, North Pacific, and Intermountain Yearly Meetings.
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Announcements and Quick Links (updated 6/28/2020)


In preparation for Pacific Yearly Meeting (PacYM) Annual Session 2020 and beyond, the PacYM Ministry & Oversight (M&O) Committee and Presiding Clerk Sandy Kewman call upon Meeting members and attenders to engage deeply in inquiry and discernment on fostering greater inclusion and love for each other, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, experience with Quakerism, abilities, sexual orientation and the numerous less seen differences that we may have. This is a lifelong concern, commitment, and practice, one with which every Friend must grapple in order to co-create and live into the beloved community.

As a way to deepen our discussions and work towards living into being a beloved community, we request that Friends in your Monthly Meeting read the book White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo. (Please see M&O and the Presiding Clerk’s letter in full  here.)

The Faith & Practice Revision Committee asks Monthly Meetings to review and provide feedback by June 30, 2020, on a draft revision of the section of F&P on “Death in the Meeting“.  See this Announcement for details.

The PYM Mutual Aid Project offers financial support and direct services for those whose lives have been shaken by the COVID-19 crisis.  We are looking to identify folks in need. If you as an individual, your Monthly Meeting, or local community needs our support, please visit our resources funding page where you will find contacts and additional information.


  • During this period of “social distancing” we invite you to consider the many opportunities for online worship listed at westernfriend.org.  Among these is PYM-sponsored WEEKLY ONLINE MEETING FOR WORSHIP, every Wednesday evening, 7:00-7:30 pm.
  • See the PYM CALENDAR PAGE for additional PYM-related EVENTS, including youth and intergenerational events.


  • The Faith and Practice Revision Committee asks Monthly Meetings and other entities of the Yearly Meeting to review and provide feedback by June 30, 2020, on a draft revision of the section on “Death in the Meeting“. (5/4/2020)
  • The Website Team is experimenting with a new menu structure and other ways to make things easier to find on the website.  Please check out the new menus and send us your comments.  (4/16/2020)
  • Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) is happy to announce that Rebekah Percy has been hired as the Interim Youth Programs Coordinator.  She began work on March 23rd.  Her appointment runs through 8/31/2020. (3/23/2020)


  • ANNUAL SESSION 2020 took place online, July 10-15, 2020.  All information about the session can be found on the AS 2020 Information Page.
  • Young Adult Friends (YAFs) have applied for and received a grant from the PacYM Youth Programs Fund (Vogel Endowment) that seeks to empower all community members and provide various forms of assistance to those in need. As YAFs in PacYM circles have lost jobs as a result of the Covid-19 quarantine, this Mutual Aid Project offers a small financial gift to tide them over temporarily, while releasing them to provide other forms of assistance to Friends. More information on how you or your meeting can get involved is listed here.
  • GRANTS available:
    • Youth Programs Fund (of the Bob Vogel Endowment): Applications due on or before March 20th, June 20th, September 20th, and December 20th
    • Other funding sources: see our Quaker Grants page
  • WEBSITE REVISIONS: We are actively working on the design of this website. Thank you for your patience and your feedback (send to pym.website@gmail.com).