San Diego Friends Center – Peace Crane Sculpture

Video of the Peace Crane sculpture unveiling Oct 15, 2011

Sculptor James Hubbell

Welcome to the San Diego Friends Center’s celebration of the installation of the Peace Crane sculpture and of the culmination of the visionary effort to create a sustainable facility for peace, justice, and spiritual growth.

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A view of the Peace Crane Sculpture by James Hubbell in front of the entry courtyard to the San Diego Friends Center. The Friends Meeting Room is in the center under the the round, peaked roof. The Peace Resource Center offices and apartment for a Brethren Intern are on the right; the AFSC office, Children’s room and showers are on the left.
Inside the Friends Meeting Room looking at the Silent Auction Table. The Windmill for the water recirculation system is behind the table, being stored in the meeting room to protect it from possible theft for metal parts until fully installed.
A view of the Silent Auction table looking toward the lobby. Mary Jo Houseman (Orange Grove Meeting) is in black with her back to us.
Another view of the Meeting Room and Silent Auction table showing a food service table. Food was provided by Alchemy, a nearby restaurant using locally grown ingredients and sustainable table ware.
Burton Housman and Imam Taha Hassane. Burton is a member of La Jolla Meeting and was instrumental in getting the Imam to serve on the Honorary Committee. The Imam is in a bright blue shirt. Burton has a beige shirt on.
Another view of the Silent Auction display. To the left of the photo is Burton Housman and Imam Taha Hassane. The Imam is in a bright blue shirt. Burton has a beige shirt on.
"Hope" Calligraphy for Silent Auction by Mary Jo Housman
“Hope” Calligraphy for Silent Auction by Mary Jo Housman. The “Hope” Calligraphy was purchased by an economist in Mexicali (online) and brought in the most money of any item!
The Escama bags. These bags were donated to the Silent Auction by Escama Studios and Gilmore Family Jewelers. The bags are made of the pull tabs from soft drink cans and signed by each Brazilian artist who creates the bag.


A view of the courtyard during the event. Adriana Jasso (AFSC staff) is at the table on the left, inviting guests to sign the scroll with hopes for the next 10 years. This scroll will be framed and hang in the lobby of the San Diego Friends Center.
The O’Farrell Community School Sinfonia String Ensemble under the direction of Mrs. Linda Logan provided musical entertainment. O’Farrell Community School is a nearby middle school. Jane Krause, treasurer of Orange Grove Meeting, is on the left.
The gathering for the program. Immediately in front are George Gaskil, Clerk of San Diego Friends Meeting (black shirt), and Chuck Orr , construction manager recently (hat).
Joe Franko, Master of Ceremonies. Joe was AFSC Regional Director when the AFSC agreed to be partner in the San Diego Friends Center and is now the Clerk of the Executive Committee for the Pacific Southwest Region of AFSC.
Joe Franko
Carol Jahnkow, Emeritus Director, Peace Resource Center of San Diego, and one of the original members of the working committee to establish the San Diego Friends Center.
Carol Jahnkow
James and Anne Hubbell. James Hubbell is a renown San Diego artist, sculptor of the crane and partner with his son Drew in the architectural firm that designed the building.
James and Anne Hubbell. Anne unveiled and dedicated the crane. Her words in the dedication were: “As we dedicate this crane, we like to think that this place will always be filled with gracious blessings that will help accomplish world peace.”
Carol Jahnkow
Carol Jahnkow
Midi Cox
Lawrence and Suzanne Hess