AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VIII

 PYM AS 2012 Minutes Plenary VIII (PDF file)


Plenary VIII began with silent worship at 9:45AM.


Reading Clerk Russell Swanagon (Central Coast) read excerpts from IMYM Senior Young Friends Epistle.  They found the gathering to be the highlight of their year.  The poetic imagery of the epistle captured the natural setting, their joy in being together and their support of each other through common grief.

Site Committee

Clerk Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest) made the report.  The Annual Session 2013 will take place at Mt. Madonna, over the week of Seventh Month 29 through the 3rd of Eighth Month.  For Annual Sessions 2014 and 2015 the committee is seeking sites in Southern California.  There has also been discussion about coming back to Walker Creek Ranch in 2014.

A Friend spoke to the value and good order of booking our sites several years out, rather than searching a year or two years out.

Youth Program Coordinator Supervisory Committee

Presiding Clerk Marilee Eusebio read the proposed minute for action that was recommended by RepCom in March.  The committee has gathered input from monthly meetings and involved individuals.  The full report is available on-line and attached to these minutes.  The committee will continue this process and bring a recommendation to RepCom, March 2013.  RepCom will evaluate and forward a recommendation to Annual Session 2013.  We were reminded that we are evaluating a program, not an individual, and that we are called to be faithful, not successful:  We did make errors in the original planning for the implementation schedule.

AS Minute 2012.4:  To allow for a full evaluation and understanding of the experiment of funding a Youth Program Coordinator for Pacific Yearly Meeting, the calendaring of the three year Youth Program Coordinator position will start in April 2010 and end at the conclusion of the fiscal year 2013 (9/30/2013).

The terms of service of the current YPCS Committee will also be extended for one year.

Finance Committee

Clerk Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) and Treasurer Ed Flowers (Apple Seed) brought two requests for augmentation for the current fiscal year (2011-2012). These funds will be drawn from Reserves.

We approved the following minutes.

AS Minute 2012.5:  Expense account #5225, originally set at $1000, will be augmented in the amount of $83, to $1083.

AS Minute 2012.6:  Western Friends, Expense account #5271, set at $1500, will be augmented in the amount of $160, to $1660, for travel expenses.

The 2012-2013 Budget as published in the Daily Miracle and the PYM web site was brought forward for approval.  It was noted that two open Finance Committee meetings have been held this week to address concerns.  It was clarified that the augmentations just approved are in the current fiscal year, 2011-2012, so they do not impact the 2012-2013 Budget.

AS Minute 2012.7: The Annual Session approved the 2012-2013 Budget.

See Attachment #13: PYM 2012-13 Approved Budget (PDF file)

The Annual Session accepted the 2011-2012 Treasurer’s Report, as given in Plenary III by Ed Flowers, treasurer.

Note: The 2012-2013 PYM yearly assessments are as follows: California and Nevada:  $89 per member; Guatemala and Hawaii: $39 per member; and Mexico City: $15 per member.

 Western Friend

Editor Kathy Hyzy (Multnomah Meeting) announced that she will be leaving at the end of Dec and expressed her joy in working with these three yearly meetings.  A search for a new editor will be taking place this fall, with the new editor overlapping with Kathy for a time.  She asked for our patience and support of her replacement. She also named the PYM members of the board.

Clerk Marilee reminded us that the Board of Friends Bulletin Corporation is asking us to help discern the future of Western Friend and related publications.  We need to fill out the survey indicating our ideas for the breadth and content of the corporation’s continuing mission.

See Attachment #14: Western Friend Annual Report 2012 (HTML post and PDF file)

AS Minute 2012.8:  Friends enthusiastically expressed their gratitude for Kathy Hyzy’s work, noting her grace and thoughtfulness.  We appreciate her diligent and effective work and wish her well in future endeavors.

Minutes of Plenary VIII were approved.


Julie Harlow and Amy Cooke, Co-Recording Clerks

Marilee Eusebio, Presiding Clerk