PYM Children’s Program – Teacher Job Description

PYM Children’s Program – Teacher Job Description (PDF file)


Pacific Yearly Meeting

Children’s Program

 Teacher Job Description


Job Duties:

–       Be responsible, with a co-teacher or assistant, for a group of approximately 10-15 children of the same age group, for either the AM or PM shift, every day of the week of Pacific Yearly Meeting.  Each shift is generally 5 hours, to include planning, set-up, and clean-up time.  Participate in 15-20 minutes of daily Meeting for Worship with your class, and also in the Thursday afternoon Meeting for Memorials.  The morning shifts tend to be more structured than the afternoons.

–       Develop a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is reflective of Quaker values and testimonies, and incorporates aspects of the given year’s PYM theme.  Help from the PYM Children’s Program Coordinator or the Children’ Program Committee is available if desired.

–       Create an environment that is physically and emotionally safe for each child.  For the younger children, trips to the bathroom need to be supervised.  When swimming is available, parent permission for swimming is required.  For those children who do not swim and/or do not have permission, alternate outdoor activities need to be planned.   No teacher, or other non-parent adult, should be alone with an individual child.  There should be two or more adults with an individual child, or two or more children with an individual adult.

–       Come to PYM early afternoon of registration day (the exact time to be set by the PYM Children’s Program Coordinator) to unpack supplies and set up your classroom.

–       Attend the parent orientation meeting Monday afternoon.  Be prepared to make a brief statement to welcome families, to describe particular aspects of your class program, and to outline expectations for both parents and children.

–       With the Children’s Program Coordinator, make sure that all necessary medical release and permission forms have been completed for each child in your class.

–       Supervise the signing-in and signing-out of children by parents at the beginning and end of each shift.  Maintain regular communication with the parents regarding any concerns that they, or you, may have about their children, as well as affirming the children’s strengths, interests and individualities.

–       Support approved volunteers in engaging with children.   Teachers always maintain responsibility for the classroom and children.  Volunteers are asked to follow teacher directions.  Take any concerns to the CPC or the CP Committee.

–       To promote emotional safety, use principles of Quaker process and non-violent communication to help resolve conflicts that arise.

–       Different groups sponsor daily intergenerational activities after lunch.  Assist children in planning and leading intergenerational activities, as requested.

–       With the children, plan a group activity, song or skit that can be presented at the Friday night community night.

–       With the children, develop an epistle that expresses their experience of the week.  This will obviously vary in form and length depending upon the age group.

–       Attend regular teacher meetings throughout the week, as scheduled by the Children’s Program Coordinator.  Maintain close communication with the other teachers and especially with those working with the same age group.

–       At the end of PYM, clean your classroom and pack up all your supplies before leaving.

–       Participate in at least one end of the year evaluation meeting with the Children’s Program Coordinator and the Children’s Program Committee or a representative of that committee.  This will be a time to evaluate your own performance, that of the Children’s Program Coordinator, and the overall quality of the program.


Desired Qualifications:

–       Experience in working with children in an educational, recreational, or First Day School program setting.

–       Experience in worshiping and/or working with the Religious Society of Friends.

–       Knowledge of Quaker process and the writing of epistles.


Personal Qualifications:

–       Enjoyment of children

–       Be a self-starter; show initiative and creativity

–       Be able to balance structure and spontaneity

–       Have good listening and communication skills

For further information or to apply for this position, please contact Children’s Program Committee Clerk.