PYM Children’s Program Coordinator Job Description

PYM Children’s Program – Coordinator Job Description (PDF file)

Pacific Yearly Meeting
Children’s Program Coordinator
Job Description


Before Yearly Meeting Session

  • In consultation with Children’s Program Committee (CPC), arrangements clerks, and facility staff, coordinate use of space by preschool, lower & upper elementary, and middle school groups
  • Attend all CPC meetings
  • Act as contact for parent and guardian inquiries
  • Gather a list of interested people for teaching positions to submit to CPC
  • With the committee, provide teachers with guidelines for curriculum development
  • Work with committee and co-registrars to gather names, numbers, and ages of children ahead of time, and communicate with parents about expectations, forms that will be needed, etc.
  • Work with committee to identify, buy, and transport supplies or meet logistical needs (e.g. find someone to rent, load, and drive van to bring supplies to the site)

During Yearly Meeting Session  

  • Coordinate use of space with facility during annual session
  • Solicit, monitor, screen, and coordinate volunteer coverage of each shift
  • Work with committee to recruit additional volunteers as needed
  • Coordinate snacks, including pick up and delivery, assist teachers in meeting
  • Collect, track, and maintain file of release forms, and sign in/out sheets
  • Create and distribute informational signs and forms, as needed, for teachers and parents
  • Check in with each teaching team during every shift; identify any problems or issues
  • Act as liaison for parents, guardians, CPC, and teaching staff; resolve problems and issues as needed, provide a sounding board as needed
  • Attend all CPC meetings
  • Schedule and lead teachers’ meetings, as needed
  • Provide for spot coverage of classrooms as needed
  • Assist teachers in expediting children pick-up special dietary needs, and provide leftovers storage as needed
  • Ensure that each age level has sufficient curriculum during Meeting for Memorials.  Pick up from each classroom, and transport to and from Meeting for Memorials, the curriculum, snacks, pillows and blankets.  Ensure that blankets are on the floor, in front, for daily worship
  • Assist teachers in helping the children to write Epistles and to create Family Night acts, as needed
  • Oversee provision of adequate supplies before and during the annual session; collect supply needs/suggestions from teachers and recruit supply buyer(s) to assist
  • Oversee packing up and inventory of supplies at end of annual session
  • Other “spontaneous” coordinating needs as they arise during the annual session
  • Participate in teacher meeting at start of annual session and evaluation meeting at end of annual session
  • Keep a daily log of hours spent on coordinator duties, and money spent on CP supplies, for evaluation and planning purposes

After Yearly Meeting Session

  • Assure teachers receive promised stipends
  • Submit any outstanding expense receipts to committee clerk for payment
  • Assure program supplies are stored for the following year
  • Follow-up and debrief with teachers, and collect names of those interested in, and appropriate for, teaching the following year
  • Participate in following year’s CPC meetings
  • With the committee, participate in an evaluation of the Children’s Program for use in planning future programs.  Make use of input gathered from teachers and parents

Desired Qualifications

  • Experience worshiping or working within the Religious Society of Friends
  • Has experience working with children in an educational or enrichment program setting, at First Day School, or in similar situations
  • Has patience, diplomacy, and organizational skills
  • Willingness to devote whatever time and energy is needed to fulfill the responsibilities of the position

Preferred Qualifications

  • Has attended a past session of Pacific Yearly Meeting
  • Member or regular attender of a Friends Meeting

For further information or to apply for this position, please contact Children’s Program Committee Clerk.