YPC and Committee’s Joint Report to 2012 PYM Annual Session

Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) & Supervisory Committee (YPCSC)
Joint Report to PYM Annual Session
August 2012


I.     Introduction and Overview
II.    Interim Evaluation Summary
III.  Accomplishments and Learning from this Year
IV.   Plans for Next Year
V.     Proposed Minute: Timeline of the Pilot Period
VI.   Conclusion
VII.  Appendices:

A. Goals and Objectives of the Program, revised 12/7/11

B. Publications List, with Links to PYM Website

1. Epistles from 2011-2012
2. Articles prepared for Western Friend by the YPC
3. Article in Friends Journal by Mary Klein and the YPCSC
4. Prior Reports

C. Evaluation Request to Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups, March/April 2012



Alyssa Nelson has ably fulfilled the role of Youth Program Coordinator (YPC) for a year now. She is guided and supported by the Supervisory Committee clerked by Kate Watkins (Santa Monica). Members this year include teens Marie Vastola (Live Oak/Monterey Peninsula) and Clare Griese (LaJolla), and Young Adult Friend, Cara Arcuni (Palo Alto). Other adult members are Elizabeth Boardman (Davis), Lanny Jay (Redwood Forest), Mary Klein (Palo Alto), Steve Leeds (San Francisco), and Jim Summers (La Jolla). This committee meets twice a month by conference call and twice a year in person; Alyssa meets weekly with her program supervisor, Mary Klein, and as needed with the administrative supervisor, Elizabeth Boardman. Another Friend much appreciated for his deep involvement in administration of the program is Ed Flowers, Treasurer of PYM, who carries out payroll, maintains our insurances, works with Alyssa to track expenses, and keeps us apprised of availability of funds.

This spring and summer, our committee undertook a formal evaluation of the program, including of the Coordinator’s work and of our committee’s effectiveness in supporting her. A summary of findings constitutes the first part of this report; the feedback has helped us know what Friends see to be working well and some concrete suggestions for improvement that we are already beginning to implement.

Next we have listed what we have accomplished and learned during this past year and our plans for the next, such as continuing the successful trainings for adult allies and initiating a Spring Break Workcamp in Visalia. Included in the appendices are the quarterly Epistles that give more detailed accounts of Alyssa’s visits to Meetings, work with committees of various sorts, several kinds of activities with teens, and the many ways she has fostered communication and interaction amongst teens and between generations. In another appendix, you will find a list of the five articles Alyssa has written for Western Friend magazine and another article by our committee that was published in Friends Journal.

This report also includes a proposed minute to clarify the end-date of the pilot period for the Youth Program Coordinator initiative as September 30, 2013. We had brought this request to Representative Committee in March, which approved a minute included herein for referral to the Annual Session. Assuming that such a minute is approved at the Annual Session, our committee will proceed with our workplan and conduct a final evaluation in the coming year. We also request guidance on where, how, and when PYM’s discernment will happen regarding the future of the youth program and the coordinator position.

This report will be posted on the PYM website and also be available in the form of a binder for perusal during the week of our annual session. Please use the blank pages at the back of the binder to jot your concerns and commendations, or feel free to contact any of us directly.

[Continued…. See attached PDF for entire report: YPC_PYM2012_Reports_CoordinatorAndCommittee (PDF)]