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Dear Possible Junior Yearly Meeting Attenders,

We are so excited for this summer’s Junior Yearly Meeting 2013, and are encouraging all those who are interested to come! There is a general age limitation, but attendance is based upon maturity level and self-readiness. So don’t hesitate to ask your parents, anyone on the JYM planning committee, or other Quakers about registering. This summer, Pacific Yearly Meeting is taking place at Mount Madonna from July 29th-August 3rd, so mark your calendars! JYM is an opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and a strong community with other teens as well as adults and FAPs (Friendly Adult Presences). You should not feel held back from attending if parental attendance and or money are problems. There are many scholarships available, so don’t hesitate to ask for help from your monthly meeting and the yearly meeting. If your parents are not planning on attending, don’t count yourself out! There are plenty of Quakers adults who would be happy to sponsor you!

Junior Yearly Meeting is a self-led community where we decide our own values and expectations; these accommodate both the parental concerns, as well was what we expect from one another. The week is filled with games, worship sharing, taking part in a service project, community night, and a huge dance party on the last night! All of the teens are welcoming towards new JYMers would love to see you there this summer!

If all this sounds something like you’d enjoy, don’t wait another second! Below are all the links you need to register for this summer’s JYM.

If you want even more info, see the Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Website: https://www.pacificyearlymeeting.org/

Hope to see you there!

​2013 JYM Planning Committee:

Co-Clerks: Augie Brinker (Santa Cruz) , Emma Castanedo (La Jolla), & Clare Griese (La Jolla)

M&O Clerk: Nathan Walker (Palo Alto)

M&O: Anna Lichterman (Strawberry Creek), Hannah Mackinney (Strawberry Creek), Miriam Meyers (San Francisco), & Brendan Fagen (Reno)