Mural – Quaker Testimonies – at Santa Monica Friends Meeting

April 26, 2014, SCQM Spring Gathering, Santa Monica, CA

A joint project of Santa Monica Friends Meeting and Southern California Quarterly Meeting, this mural about Quaker Testimonies: Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Unity and Equality, was painted on the parking lot wall of the Santa Monica Meetinghouse.

The mural was planned by teens, young adults, and the SCQM Youth Planning Committee, with artist Tanna Moontaro (Santa Monica Friends Meeting) and Alyssa Nelson (PYM Youth Program Coordinator / Davis Meeting). Younger children, parents, and others joined them to paint, and everyone signed it at the end of the day with colorful thumbprint “buds” on a community vine (see picture at bottom of page).

SMFM and SCQM Joint Project - Mural on Quaker Testimonies
SMFM and SCQM Joint Project – Mural on Quaker Testimonies

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Mural as seen from across the parking lot. The Santa Monica Meetinghouse is under the trees and behind the wooden fence on the right.
Artist Tanna Moontaro

smfmscqmmural15smfmscqmmural1smfmscqmmural2smfmscqmmural3smfmscqmmural4smfmscqmmural5smfmscqmmural6smfmscqmmural7smfmscqmmural8smfmscqmmural9smfmscqmmural10smfmscqmmural11smfmscqmmural12smfmscqmmural13smfmscqmmural14The multicolored “buds” along the vine are thumbprints placed by everyone in attendance. It was a fitting conclusion to a rewarding day.

If you would like to contribute your own photos of the mural painting project, please upload here. Ensure you have the written permission of anyone who can be easily identifiable prior to uploading images.

[High resolution copies of images are available from Don Bean.
Contact web [at] pacificyearlymeeting [dot] org ]

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