PYM AS 2015 – Meeting For Business I


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The meeting began at 3:15 pm with worship.

Epistle. Diego Navarro (Santa Cruz), Reading Clerk, read an epistle from the 120th Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, held at George Fox University at Newberg, Oregon. It will be posted on the website.

Naming Committee. Sarah Tyrell (Berkeley), Convener of the Naming Committee, noted that the Naming Committee is also charged with naming the co-clerks of Nominating Committee. Stephen Matchett (San Francisco) and Nora Cooke (Grass Valley) are nominated co-clerks. Sarah also listed those who are continuing as members of the Nominating Committee.

Nominating Committee. Stephen Matchett (San Francisco), co-clerk of Nominating Committee, provided attendees with hard copies of the report, including the first reading of the proposed slate. In addition to filling positions, the Nominating Committee has updated PYM job descriptions—with special thanks to Carl Anderson (Strawberry Creek). At the Committee Fair there will be a binder of those job descriptions available at their table. Also at the table will be an opportunity to offer your volunteer services to PYM. Stephen listed the members of the committee who are attending Annual Session and encouraged those interested in serving to speak with a member of Nominating Committee. A junior arrangements clerk is needed. Another area of concern is the need to fill positions in the Children Programs Committee. Youth Program Coordinating Committee (YPCC) shows one vacancy. Two present members have volunteered to serve an additional term, but new volunteers are needed on the YPCC. Stephen also provided an explanation of the process of listing Donna Smith (Redwood Forest) as clerk of Latin America Concerns Committee (LACC).

Ministry and Oversight (M&O) Report. Bronwen Hillman (Mexico City), Clerk of Ministry and Oversight Committee, said the complete report is posted on the Pacific Yearly Meeting website. She noted three items:

  1. Roena Oesting (La Jolla), has been approved as the Visiting Friend for this next year. She will be visiting meetings and worship groups. The Visiting Friend Support Subcommittee will be contacting monthly meetings about her visiting them.
  2. Annual Session 2016 is scheduled for Friday through Wednesday, June 17th through June 22nd. The change in schedule to Friday through Wednesday is a two-year trial and its success will be evaluated.
  3. The revised PYM Abuse Protection Policy 2015 Final Draft is posted on the PYM website. Approximately half the document provides a process for dealing with abuse complaints.

Statistical Report. Statistical Co-clerks, Don Bean (Conejo Valley) and Lee Knutsen (Live Oak), started their presentation with some statistical humor including a math challenge. A 10-year review of PYM membership changes, and the number and types of changes per Meeting, will be available on the Pacific Yearly Meeting website.

Treasurer’s Report. Roy Allen (Berkeley), Treasurer, presented the report and provided hard copies for those who wished. He summarized the revenue and expenses broadly which seemed on target compared to previous years. The balance is healthy. However the Annual Session 2014 income and expenses resulted in a reduction in reserves.

Finance Report. Stratton Jaquette (Palo Alto), Clerk of the Finance Committee, reported that the Finance Committee had been charged with bringing forward a revised donations plan to a selection of Quaker organizations. He read the proposal which reflects vigorous discussions during Representative Committee meeting in February. Stratton described the travel policy to date for delegates and how it affected some of the Finance Committee recommendations. Due to the previous practice of not fully budgeting delegate travel, the Finance Committee is recommending for next year’s budget to limit delegates to a maximum of two per organizations and fully funding them. Two exceptions were made: three delegates are suggested to Western Friend and three delegates are recommended to Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). Comments from the floor included a suggestion to carry the topic over to the Listening Session.

Only a few committees responded to Finance Committee inquiries regarding their needs for the next fiscal year. Stratton described the changes included in the proposed budget. Based on the statistical report data, the new requested amount per member next year would be $110.

A Finance Committee member researched transportation costs and means for getting to Annual Session from the various Monthly Meetings, to compensate for the additional costs of travel from Southern California Quarterly Walker Creek Ranch. The details are included in the report, which is posted online. Further discussion will happen during the Listening Session on Wednesday. A comment was made that the four meetings falling outside the two quarterly meetings should also be considered.

The full Finance Committee Report is posted on the YM website.

Youth Program Coordinating Committee (YPCC). Jim Summers (La Jolla), Mary Klein (Palo Alto), Alyssa Nelson (Davis), and Steve Leeds (San Francisco) gave a summary report, noting that the full report is posted on the PYM website. Jim described the committee’s activities, including grants. Sixteen grant applications were received this year, twelve of which were funded. They also co-sponsored and partially funded the Spring 2015 Youth Service Learning Camp with Quaker Oaks Farm and the Wukchumni Tribe. The YPCC is now considering a fourth round of grant applications. All are encouraged to attend the Committee’s interest groups and talk to members individually. The Committee mentioned the considerable efforts of Alyssa Nelson, the Youth Program Coordinator, in supporting youth and monthly meetings concerning their youth.

Alyssa thanked the Coordinating Committee, Treasurer, and Finance Committee for their support for the making of grants that are turned into great events.

In response to multiple requests from members of the wider PYM community for the YPCC or YPC to find or recommend Friendly Responsible Adult Presences (FRAPs) or other youth-workers, the committee labored with this and decided that the YPCC will continue to do background checks for potential youth workers for the needs of the Youth Program, Children’s Program and JYM. They will not in the future do these for monthly meetings or other groups, which would be outside their charter.

Junior Yearly Meeting Adult Support Committee. Sue Torrey (Central Coast), reported for the committee. She described their purpose, concerns, and issues and how they initiated community building in the fall. Their work continued during the winter with much being accomplished at RepCom. Sue gave much credit to the youth involved.

One of the issues the committee struggled with in JYM, the JYM Adult Support Committee and beyond was about how to transition from one age cohort to next age cohort. The JYM Adult Support Committee continues to work on a process. Additionally this Committee has requested to continue working with the Registrar on what data is gathered on young people before they come to annual sessions, in order to place the youth appropriately and be prepared for those with special needs.

Minutes were read, corrected and approved at Meeting for Business II.

The Meeting for Business closed with a moment of worship.