DIY Voluntary Carbon Tax Information Sheet

Pacific Yearly Meeting Representative Committee, at its February, 2015, meeting, accepted Unity with Nature Committee’s proposal to offer a Voluntary Carbon Tax on travel to and from annual session. Your voluntary tax donation will be added to your registration total and then routed to the Unity with Nature Special Projects Fund.

We thank you for taking the time to consider what amends may be appropriate for generating a given amount of CO2.

Each gallon of gasoline burned generates about 20 pounds of CO2. Although a gallon now costs between $3-$4, to pay a person to generate that amount of work would cost about $800 in the USA. So when you buy gas, every dollar you spend is equivalent to about 6 lb of CO2.

Friends are invited to select the approximate amount of CO2 that is generated by your expected travel, and select an amount such as a penny per pound of CO2, or you can simply decide on an amount that feels appropriate to you and your situation.

Free Carbon Footprint Calculator

You can look at this online carbon footprint calculator for your exact trip which covers not only most forms of travel, but also carbon generation in other lifestyle aspects.  This site prefers one to sign up which makes the calculations more accurate.


Here are some typical round-trip CO2 footprints:

A passenger car driving to Walker Creek from:

  • Northern CA: 200 lb
  • From Southern CA: 700 lb
  • From Central CA: 400 lb
  • From SFO to Walker Creek: 100 lb

One passenger by air from:

  • LAX to SFO: 300 lb
  • SAN to SFO: 400 lb
  • HI/MX to SFO: 1 ton

One passenger by train from:

  • LA to SF: 240 lb
  • San Diego to SF: 300 lb

Thank you for your caring actions for the Earth

(updated July 20, 2018)