UwN mission statement and proposed charter revision Oct 2015

Appendix A

Note: this proposed Charter from PacYM was revised by Unity with Nature Committee on 10/25/2014. It is based on UwN’s 2005 Charter from PacYM.

Unity with Nature Committee’s Charter from Pacific Yearly Meeting

This committee acts on behalf of Yearly Meeting on spiritual concerns related to the environment. It strives to keep alive in the consciences of Friends the spirituality of and the kinship with all creation. It has the function to educate, inform, inspire, and give Witness about earth care and the environment.

The Committee may have several subcommittees such as:

  1. Sustainability,
  2. Service projects and internships,
  3. Nature experiences and outings,
  4. Education and interest groups.

The committee has nine members, serving three-year overlapping terms, with three members appointed annually. Two Pacific Yearly Meeting [PYM] representatives to the national Quaker Earthcare Witness [QEW] (formerly named “Friends Committee on Unity with Nature”) are members ex-officio, if not already members of PYM’s Unity with Nature Committee.


  • Appoints PYM’s representatives to QEW
  • Supports publications such as Earthlight Magazine and QEW newsletter.
  • Encourages and supports QEW and other Friends’ environmental initiatives such as Friends Committee on National Legislation [FCNL], Friends Committee on Legislation in California [FCL-CA], and Quaker Institute for the Future [QIF].
  • Nominates candidates for Earthlight’s Board of Directors
  • Provides means for communications among PYM Friends concerned about the environment and with Friends similarly concerned nationally and internationally
  • Proposes and conducts interest groups and nature-oriented worship at Quarterly and Yearly Meeting sessions.
  • Encourages change toward sustainable lifestyles by Meetings and their members and attenders.
  • Raises funds to further its work.


Goals and Projects may include:

  • Sponsoring an internship program for Young Friends
  • Responding to queries such as recommendations for books and other educational materials related to care of the earth
  • Proactive educational programs such as the mini-grant program
  • Proactive educational and fundraising programs such as the dime a gallon carbon credit program
  • Seasoning concerns arising out of Witness, we nurture the process of taking those concerns towards a minute at annual session.