Daily Miracle – Monday, June 20



Monday’s Schedule

6:00–7:00 Outdoor Worship (Amphitheater)

7:00–8:00 Breakfast

8:00–8:45 Worship (hosted by JYM)

9:00–10:30 Bible Study (Fireside) or Worship Sharing

10:45–12:15 Meeting for Business II Plenary

12:45–1:30 Lunch

1:30–3:00 Early Quaker Writings (Fireside) or Worship Sharing

3:15–4:45 Interest Groups III

4:45–5:30 Intergenerational Games

5:30–6:30 Dinner

6:45–8:15 Plenary for Listening

8:30–10:00 Dance

Monday Interest Groups 3:15–4:45

Inviting the Presence in Meeting for Worship for Business. Traci Hjelt Sullivan – Fireside

Many Friends use the term “Meeting for Worship with an Attention to Business.” How can we cultivate Love and connection to Spirit in business meeting? This will be a combination of sharing within the group, brainstorming, and some ideas that Traci is bringing. – Ministry & Oversight

39 Questions for White People. Alvaro Alvarado, Patricia Portillo, Laura Magnani, Sandy Kewman, Deborah Marks, MaryAnn Michaels, Diego Navarro, Steve Smith, Janet Gastil – Maple

This simple text asks complex questions about race and accountability. This work started as an experiment based in the artist’s curiosity about how whiteness is framed and understood by white people. The artist says,“The work of creating the book became an exercise in turning the emotional labor of racism into tangible physical labor. I was able to turn all that pain into an object, which is incredibly strange, but also incredibly freeing.” – Ministry & Oversight, Racial Justice

Child Refugees and Migration. Reverend Deborah Lee – Garden Room

This interest group will explore the multiple ways available to support the New Sanctuary Movement with our new Central American refugees. We will also address “advocacy”; and Interfaith collaboration, among other things. Rev. Deborah Lee, leader of the interfaith group in the Bay Area working with immigrants, will present and facilitate the discussion. – Child Refugee & Migration, LACC

Native Americans + Quakers + Land = Spring Youth Service-Learning Camp and …? Alyssa Nelson (YPC), Jim Summers (YPCC Clerk), and Campers & Staff

Come hear stories of how we are growing intercultural and intergenerational relationships on the Land: Quaker Oaks Farm, the Wukchumni People, other Native Americans from the Fresno area, and the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator & Committee have been collaborating on a teen camp (held three times so far) on this ancestral Wukchumni land near Visalia, CA. Alyssa will share some of her conference presentation on this topic, made as part of the Indigenous People’s Specialty Group at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting, March 2016. Explore how we can promote healing through engagement with the legacies of history and authentic connections with indigenous peoples’ living cultures throughout the PYM region and beyond. What broke our world(s) apart? What can make our world (s) whole and healthy?  – Youth Programs Coordinating Comm.

67 Sueños. Maria Cruz, Ericson Amaya, and Jackie Garcia-Martinez – Middle Sequoia

The Oakland-based “67 Sueños Collective” (“67 Dreams,” after the 67 percent of young people who would not be affected by the DREAM Act) holds monthly encounters or “Encuentros” with undocumented youth from across the Bay Area. The focus is to build solidarity, and to record their testimonies/stories in hopes to build awareness about the issues they face and to bear witness to their American experience. – Peace and Social Order

12-step Room Clarification

12-step is in Sequoia Garden Room – Lynn

Activities & Affinity Groups

Latin American Concerns Committee

There will be a committee meeting tonight, Monday, at dinner.  Two tables are being reserved outside the cafeteria for us.  This meeting is for current and future members as well as the Child Refugee and Migration subcommittee.  We welcome all others who are interested in Latin America to join us. – Donna Smith, Co-Clerk

How are Friends Meetings Serving & Helping Communities – The Work Continues

There was a lot of fruitful sharing at the interest group on Friends Meetings serving and helping communities, which met on Saturday evening.

We are interested in meeting over dinner at the table near the ranch store to discuss the next steps.

This is your opportunity to help steward the effort of those friends working on similar social justice concerns.

Did you know that there is a monthly meeting in our yearly that is in solidarity with over 15 homeless people who live in their meeting house?

We will see you at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

In thanks – David B (San Francisco) and Linnea H (Chico)



Family Night signups

Family Night is fast approaching, Friends! Please sign up to perform at the information booth (the sheet is taped to a table). Please time your acts and be sure they are 4 minutes or under. – Kylin Navarro

Cart Drivers Needed for Wednesday

If you can help on Wednesday morning, please see Rick or Laura and let us know when you are available – Arrangements

Additional Items

67 Sueños Youth Program

The American Friends Service Committee is offering an interest group featuring our 67 Sueños Youth Program. Youth will be coming from Oakland to do their lively interactive presentation on being undocumented and proud. Expect spoken word, powerpoints, fun exercises for everyone. Done miss it. – Laura Magnani, AFSC

Queries (+) from Sunday’s Interest Group with Darcy & Carl

Have you ever felt the veil lifted in meeting for worship on the occasion of business?

When has the lifting of the veil been sudden and when is it gradual for you?

What is the difference between the lifting of the veil and insight?  How and where do your feel it in your body?

What practices and structures allow for gifts to be named, held up, and supported?

Let’s go viral with this! When ministry is powerful, say to the minister: “Thee was well-favored” or “Spirit has used thee well” or “Thank thee for thy faithfulness.” In this way, we keep the focus on the movement on the Spirit among us, rather than the accomplishments of the minister.

Guatemalan Handicrafts

What’s new? Colorful placemats, jackets and bamboo scarves have been added to the Guatemalan handicrafts for sale in the Bath House. There are many wonderful things including cotton scarves and beaded lizard bracelets for only $8.  We also have 2 recycled teak cutting boards and St. Francis statue puzzle boxes. Come and support scholarships for Mayans in Guatemala. – Donna Smith, Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program.

The missing bamboo scarves have at last been added to our Guatemalan store. Not only are they sustainable, but also hand dyed, hand woven, and made by a fair trade co-operative. Come feel their softness, see their shimmer, and enjoy their beauty. Located at Bay/Madrone (the bath house) – Margaret Bean, Guatemala Scholarship Program

Learn about the Coast Miwok

Want to learn more about the Coast Miwok people? Check out the interactive historical timeline posted in the bookstore.

Also posted is information on how to be an ally to indigenous people today. – Barbara Babin



Clarification regarding FUN

In “Living Sustainability” by Anthony Manousos (yesterday’s Miracle), he referred to Friends on Unity with Nature [FUN].  To clarify, this is not a new committee or acronym, but rather another name for the PYM committee more usually referred to as Unity with Nature [UwN].  I like FUN. Call it UwN or FUN.  We will happily receive news from Monthly Meetings or individuals about their efforts to decrease dependence on fossil fuels, lower their carbon footprints, and make two concrete actions for greater sustainability. – Catya de Neergaard (of FUN/UwN)

Undocumented Student Scholarship

The Undocumented Student Scholarship Project at Sacramento Friends Meeting is in its seventh year and continues to support undocumented students at Sacramento State University.

Thank you for your support. We were able to give eleven $1000 scholarships this year! The cost of a college education remains daunting for students from families with low income, job insecurity, and the constant uncertainty of being undocumented.

If you wish to contribute, please make your check to the Sacramento Friends Meeting with “undoc. student project” on the memo, and mail to:

Treasurer, Sacramento Friends Meeting
Undocumented Student Scholarship
PO Box 163677
Sacramento, CA 95816

In peace and hope, – Patricia Portillo


Hold in the light

Please hold J Ortega-Rand (formerly John Randall) in the light. His son, Demetrius Ortega-Rand, passed away Monday morning at age 27.  J now lives in Florida, but was formerly of San Diego Meeting. – Jennifer Mahal


Seeking New Resident

San Jose Friends Meeting is searching for a person or a couple to reside on and help us oversee our property.  The property consists of the meeting house (oldest in California), a residence, and the grounds. The resident will participate in the life of the meeting, coordinate outside groups that use the property, and work with the meeting to maintain the property and grounds.

To apply, please contact Jean Farrell for an application: jeanfarrell284@gmail.com, or (405) 550-3332 (c)

Time for a Price on Carbon

At the Saturday evening interest group on the FWCC Conference in Peru and the minute on sustainability, we discussed what actions we would like to bring to the annual session. Anthony Manousos wrote of this in Sunday’s Daily Miracle, Living Sustainability. While we recognize the importance of individual action, some of us expressed the strong desire to follow up with political action at both the local and national levels. Two years ago, I joined the Alameda County Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, committing myself to do that political work. CCL is working on a revenue neutral carbon tax that would be fully refunded to consumers. We believe this carbon fee and dividend proposal has the best chance of getting bipartisan support, as it will not grow the size of government and low income families will be protected from higher fuel costs.

Some of you may remember last year’s visit by FCNL’s Jose Aguto. Jose has served on the CCL advisory board. https://www.pacificyearlymeeting.org/2015/documents/2015-as-docs/pym-as-2015-jose-aguto-address/

On May 28, I will join other Berkeley residents, asking our city council to pass a resolution in support of CCL’s carbon fee and dividend. If passed, we will be joining three other California cities, San Francisco, Modesto, and San Luis Obispo. In September, Strawberry Creek Meeting will be having a presentation that I hope will lead to an endorsement, as well.

I would like to see monthly meetings in our Yearly Meeting seriously considering CCL’s and other carbon pricing ideas. You can find out more on CCL’s website. https://citizensclimatelobby.org/

There is also information on https://priceoncarbon.org/

Last November, Elyce Klein of the Alameda County chapter of CCL joined in a panel discussion, Carbon Pricing 101, hosted by the League of Women Voters. The presentation covers both cap and trade and carbon taxation. It is available on video at https://www.lwvbae.org/carbonprice101/.

If you are interested in exploring support for a carbon tax in your monthly meeting you can contact me by email at tomyamaguchi@mac.com or phone at 510-548-5294. I would would love to see this issue brought to yearly meeting at next year’s session. – Tom Yamaguchi

Friends House Santa Rosa

Friends House is the Quaker-built retirement community in Santa Rosa, only about 20 miles north of Petaluma up Route 101.  Opened in 1984, Friends House serves a vibrant community of mutually supportive, intellectually active, politically aware elders.  See the display table in Bay-Madrone at the east end of the bath house, check the website at friendshouse.org, or even come visit on your way home from PYM.  Call 707-576-6673 or e-mail eboardman@sbcglobal.net – Elizabeth Boardman


Palo Alto Multifaith Peace Walk and Picnic

Join together on September 11, 2016 with brothers and sisters of many backgrounds and spiritual traditions as we say “no” to fear and “yes” to friendship by walking together in south Palo Alto to show the way to community and peace. After the walk we will gather at Mitchell Park for the annual 9/11 Peace Picnic hosted by American Muslim Voice. The walk is in the afternoon. Details will be available in August at www.multifaithpeace.org. Flyers are available on the Plenary back table.

Casa de los Amigos in México celebrates our 60th Anniversary!

Casa de los Amigos sends lots of hugs to all friends and visitors to the Annual Session of the Pacific Yearly Meeting of Quakers.

We are excited to be a Quaker Center for Peace and International Understanding in México City. La Casa continues to operate with the inspiration of the Quaker testimonies of equality, simplicity, integrity, community, peace, and care for the environment, and in 2016 we are working to continue the program activities of the House by receiving international volunteers and people staying in solidarity, helping migrants and refugees, helping indigenous communities to promote their local products, and protecting the environment.

We invite you to México City to celebrate our 60th anniversary in October 2016! We will have various activities to commemorate the history of the Casa, such as a timeline of Casa de los Amigos, a commemorative publication for the 60th anniversary, a festival with music, dance, and representatives, and activities with migrants and refugees, among others.

We will happily welcome all visitors, Quakers, and friends who come to celebrate with us.

If you want to share any idea, support, or communication, or for more information, please go to our webpage www.casadelosamigos.org, or email direccioncasadelosamigos@gmail.com or amigos@casadelosamigos.org, with attention to the team program or Toño López, Director of the House.

On behalf of Casa de los Amigos, I thank all the Friends attending the Annual Session of Pacific Yearly Meeting for the support they have given to the Casa, particularly Diego Navarro, clerk of PYM and Mary Klein, editor of Western Friend. It would take too much space to name all who have supported us and the Casa, but to all of you, from the inner light… thanks. – Toño, executive director