Daily Miracle – Sunday

Sunday Preliminary Notices

Cars Parked Near Children’s Program

The following vehicles, parked near Children’s Program, must be moved:

  • Grey Honda 5SCY010
  • Red Saturn 4KFF000
  • Blue Ford Ranger 4E52871
  • White Chevy Colorado 69601K1
  • Silver BMW 1MMT076
  • Silver Honda Odyssey 5WGR802
  • White Chevy van 76SZ430
  • Black Nissan Juke 6YFZ381

There are tickets on these cars. Please check your vehicle!

Electronic Communications Subcommittee

The Electronic Communications Subcommittee will meet at 8:30p.m. on Sunday evening in the Fireside Room.

Daily Miracle Submissions

Submit Daily Miracle items on paper in the Plenary tent or at the Information Booth throughout the day, or after 8:00p.m. directly to the Secretariat committee in Jackrabbit. Submit items electronically by emailing pymsecretariat@gmail.com.