Discipline Committee – note on Faith and Practice revision status in 2014

Representative Committee:

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Orange Grove Meetinghouse

Discipline Committee: The presiding clerk reminded Representative Committee that at the 2013 Annual Session, Discipline Committee brought a recommendation that PYM embark upon a revision of the current Faith and Practice. Both enthusiastic support and reservations were expressed, with no clear unity emerging. He noted that if the currently 6 proposed revision takes five years, 18 years will have lapsed since the publication of the 2001 edition—significantly longer than past revision time spans.

Carolyn Stephenson (Honolulu), clerk of the Discipline Committee, reaffirmed the view that it is time to begin the revision process of Faith and Practice, as a living document reflecting our continuing revelations as Friends. The committee’s full report is appended. An interest group at the Annual Session on Faith and Practice as a Living Document will help to further our discernment. A Friend asked those in attendance to consider what may be outdated in the current issue of Faith and Practice. Friends spoke to changes needed in the Advices & Queries, the recognition of Earth Care and the support of same-sex marriage as concerns held by our corporate body, and the use of technology as a vehicle for enhancing the life of Faith and Practice among us. Record keeping, charges to the committees and officers also need greater clarity, since they are the keys to the smooth operations of our Society. One Friend expressed a longing for a return to a Christian discipline, reflecting our long tradition. “How does Faith and Practice reflect our faithfulness to the Divine?”

If we approve a revision, the Faith and Practice Revision Committee is asked to consider relative stability and consistency among members of the committee, since wholesale or frequent turnover on the committee can be disruptive. We were asked to address further concerns to the committee.

We approved this minute:

Minute RC 2014.05: Representative Committee approves bringing the following minute to the 2014 Annual Session: “Pacific Yearly Meeting approves beginning on the next revision of our Faith and Practice.”


Annual Session 2014

Walker Creek Ranch

July 14 to 19, 2014

Plenary VI

Discipline Committee Clerk Carolyn Stephenson (Honolulu) presented the committee’s report (attached) which included the news that Monthly Meetings are no longer to send their minutes to Whittier College and must await a disposition announcement from the Discipline Committee.

The March 2014 Representative Committee approved a minute that we start the revision of our Faith & Practice. After some discussion the following minute was approved:

AS Minute 2014-04: Pacific Yearly Meeting asks the Discipline Committee to begin work on the next revision of our Faith and Practice.