Registrars’ Report to Pacific Yearly Meeting 2016

June 21, 2016
As of June 20, 2016, 305 people have attended Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 2016 Annual Session for at least one day. Of these, 30 were in the Children’s Program, 20 were in the Junior Yearly Meeting, and 35 said on their registration forms that they considered themselves Young Adult Friends. The median age of our attenders here is 54.5 years old. The mean is 48; and 41 people registered themselves as first time attenders.
We want to extend our profound thanks (once again) to the Berkeley Contract registration team: Joe Magruder, Margaret Mossman, and Joanne Magruder. Their help, plus the online registration process has made things so much easier for all of us.
We will be posting the application for the 2017 contract registration team shortly after Annual Session on the Pacific Yearly Meeting website. Applications are due November 15th, 2016. See the Registrars for more information.
From Sarah Tyrrell: After four years of service as Registrar, this is my last time before you in this role. On behalf of myself and Heather, it has been a joy to welcome you to Annual Session and make sure you are well-situated while you’ve been here.
Thank you!