YPCC Report to Representative Committee 2017


Web Version (Summary Only):

Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC)
& Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC – Alyssa Nelson)
Report for PYM RepCom, March 3-5, 2017  

YPCC Action Items for RepCom:

  • We proposed a budget augmentation (to be brought by Finance Committee) related to higher-than-anticipated health insurance premium increase for the Coordinator.

Request to Monthly Meeting Reps:

  • Please share this report with your Meetings. In particular, see below for more detailed info about:
    • Fundraising for Spring Camp and water bottle project
    • Children’s Program Teachers
    • Friendly Responsible Adult Presences (aka FRAPs) for Junior Yearly Meeting (teen program)
    • Spring Camp announcement: April 10-14 at Quaker Oaks Farm with the Wukchumni Tribe. Registration open online now.
    • Funding available and deadlines for the Youth Programs Fund / Bob Vogel Endowment
    • Young Adult Friends (YAFs) Clerking Workshop: May 26-28 at Sierra Friends Center
    • Refer potential adult volunteers to work with children or teens at Annual Session to Alyssa Nelson, pym.youthcoordinator [at] gmail [dot] com. Application form will be posted on PYM website and emailed out after RepCom for “Youth Workers”:

…continued…. See Youth Programs Report — Representative Committee 2017 (PDF) for full report

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