Youth Programs Report to Annual Session 2017

This Summary gives an overview of what the PYM Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) and the Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) have focused on in 2016-2017, activities planned for Annual Session, some upcoming plans, and examples of what we have found engaging, exciting or challenging. For greater detail, we invite Friends to read the appendices below and the separate report about the 2016 Australia Yearly Meeting travels. The appendices at the end of this document include details about: our collaborative work with other PYM entities (for Annual Session and otherwise), state of the YPCC, links to other YPCC documents and communications, YPC committee and programs budgets, our stewardship of the Youth Programs Fund (interest from the Bob Vogel Endowment), and reflections from some of our co-sponsored projects/activities: the Spring Youth Service-Learning Camp at Quaker Oaks Farm, and the YAF Clerking Workshop….. (open YPCC Report to Annual Session 2017 (PDF) to continue reading)

See also: the supplement to this report, “Reflections on Traveling in the Ministry to Australia Yearly Meeting in June-August 2016” (7/12/17)