Zoom Video Conferencing Available for PYM Business

Dear PYM Committee Clerks, Officers, and Reps,

We have two Zoom (video conferencing) accounts available for PYM-related business.

If you would like to request to schedule a zoom time block, contact the Assistant to the Clerk at <pymassistanttotheclerk@gmail.com>.

Include the following information:

  1. Committee name
  2. Date you want to meet. (Check our zoom calendar for likely availability.)
  3. One or two alternative dates for your meeting
  4. Start and stop time for meeting
  5. If this is to be a recurring meeting and, if so, how often it will recur

Please send your request at least a week in advance. Time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and schedulers might not be available for a faster turn-around.

In addition, Western Friend has two Zoom accounts available to PYM (and  IMYM and NPYM) committees. See instructions on the Western Friend website.

Helpful info about how to access and use Zoom, TurboBridge (our phone-based conference call system), and some additional free options is posted on the PYM website here (added 5/11/19):

Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk