Guidelines for Reports to Annual Session 2018

Friends, we ask for your support in using these guidelines to prepare your report to Annual Session 2018. We are working to make reports more readable for Friends to increase the number of people reading reports in advance.

Note that where these guidelines refer to committees, the intention is that the guidance applies equally to representatives/delegates from PYM to other organizations. Sub-Committees may submit their own reports in consultation with their Committee.

Reports should be emailed to the Assistant to the Clerk ( by 6/22/2018.

Reports should provide an overview of the committee’s work, specifically work done since the previous Annual Session. Reports do not need to list all of the things the committee and its sub-committees or working groups have done during the year. Rather, reports should communicate how Spirit has moved through the committee since the last Annual Session. For purposes of clarity, more detailed and extensive information will be referred to as “news.” News should not be included in the report but may be posted in the committee’s section of the Annual Session web page and/or the committee’s page on the PYM website (by emailing to News can be printed and placed in the Information Tent for Friends to read during Annual Session. The contents of the reports will be merged into the final minutes document as attachments.

Reports from committees will be posted on the Annual Session web page and will be printed and posted on the dining room windows at Annual Session. To encourage broad readership, reports should be brief—most should be 1-2 pages long. If your committee’s draft report is 3 or more pages, talk to the Assistant to the Clerk at least 2 weeks before the reports deadline.

All committees should submit a report, even if it is brief. We want to create more awareness among the whole community and to continue to find ways to better support one another.

Because consistent formatting across reports make them easier to read, please use the following formatting:

  1. 1” margins
  2. 11 point Calibri font
  3. Section headings in bold
  4. Header (centered):  [Committee Name] Report to PYM Annual Session 2018
  5. Footer (centered):  Page X of Y
  6. Do not include photos, as these make creation of the minutes document more difficult and do not print well in black-and-white.
  7. A summary section at the top listing any action items and any specific requests (for example, key items for Meeting Representatives to convey). If there are no action items or requests, write “None” in this section.
  8. Highlight any action items and/or draft minutes in bold
  9. The last paragraph of the report should list the members of the committee, with the clerk’s name last followed by the word “Clerk” in parentheses.

You may use the attached template or you can set up the formatting yourself in your Word document.

Submit the report in Word format with the filename following the model


Do not submit the report in PDF format unless it has tricky formatting (such as the budget). This is to facilitate creation of the advance reports packet and of the Annual Session minutes.

Thank you for your support in these changes to the way we communicate from committees back to the Yearly Meeting. We hope that using these guidelines will increase the number of people reading the reports about your important work.

Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk