Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group

The Unity with Nature Committee, Indigenous Concerns Sub-Committee, & Youth Programs Coordinating Committee are proud to cosponsor Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group (BSWG). In this group we are moving chapter by chapter through Braiding Sweetgrass by Anishinabekwe ecologist Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Our Next Session of Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group will be held on Saturday, May 15th, @4pm (rather than the regularly scheduled May 17) as an interest group at College Park Quarterly Meeting! Register for College Park Quarterly to receive the Zoom link:

The Topic & Chapter for our next session at Quarter will be: Learning the Grammer of Animacy. In this chapter, we will explore how language shapes our perceptions of the world and reifies our values and the deep stories we tell about the nature of the other. To whom does our language lend personhood and animacy? Who is considered worthy of moral inclusion? What does it mean to live in a Living World?

As usual, you do not need to have read the chapter to participate; all are welcome.

This book has been profoundly impactful on both the Unity with Nature committee and Indigenous Concerns Sub-Committee. We feel strongly that this book has enormous potential to deepen Friends’ connection with the natural world, heal our relationship with it, and inspire new forms of action in our times.

This Worship Group is for all Friends, but may speak particularly deeply to those who wish to explore the intersections of Climate Courage, Ecological Justice, Eco-Grief, Spirituality, Indigenous Wisdom, and our Relationship with The Living World.

We look forward to you joining us!

For More information on the Worship Group, click here.