What is PYM?

Pacific Yearly Meeting is …

People …
  • We are the more than 1,500 members and attenders of Quaker meetings in our region.
  • We have programs and activities for youth, families, and a vibrant intergenerational community.

See our calendar and information on youth and intergenerational activities

A Regional Community Made up of Local Groups …
A Gathering …
  • We are our Annual Session.   We are called a “yearly” meeting because we hold an annual gathering where all interested Friends from throughout the region gather to worship, connect, and conduct business together.

Our 2017 Annual Session was held at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA, USA, from Friday, July 14 through Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  Next year it will be July 13-18, 2018, at the same location.

A Participatory Community …
  • We are the volunteers and staff doing work as committees, officers, boards, and working groups on behalf of the whole and in service of peace and justice.

Representative Committee plans for the Annual Session and considers business that needs attention before the Annual Session.  Most recently, RepCom 2017 was held March 3-4 at Palo Alto Friends Meeting.

List of officers, committee members, and representatives is on the Nominating Committee’s page.

PYM has an active youth community with opportunities to worship, socialize, and participate in service and action. Check out our Youth Programs section. If you would like to contact the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator, please email pym [dot] youthcoordinator [at] gmail [dot] com

A Structure for Service and Action …
  • Since Friends believe that peace can come through social and environmental justice, we have a strong emphasis on carrying our faith into action.

PYM has a booklet on Leadings, “Faithfulness in Action,” to help 
 understand how to discern
 get support

We have committees such as Unity with Nature, Peace & Social Concerns, and Latin American Concerns at the Yearly Meeting level, as do our local Meetings.  If you are interested in serving on one of these committees or know someone who has gifts in one of these areas, contact a member of the PYM Nominating Committee or the Nominating Committee of a local meeting.

Part of the Religious Society of Friends …

The Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, is one of the traditional peace churches.  Pacific Yearly Meeting is a regional organization consisting of local Friends Meetings in 3 US states (California, Hawaii, Nevada), Mexico City, and Guatemala City/Antigua.  The California and Nevada Meetings are divided into College Park (Northern California plus Reno) and Southern California Quarterly Meetings.

We invite you to read our book of Faith and Practice to learn more about our community.

Contact Us

To contact the Presiding Clerk or other committee clerks, use our contact form (currently unavailable). Ask your local meeting’s PYM Rep for access to the directories.

Official business address:
Pacific Yearly Meeting
65 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Photo Galleries of Pacific Friends:
a little of what we do to shine our Light in the world

See our PYM Photo and Video Gallery

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SMFM and SCQM Joint Project – Mural on Quaker Testimonies
LJ Quakers at 2012 Pride Parade
SF Mural Gallery
SD Friends Center Gallery








Salt and Light: Documentary of the Sixth World Conference of Friends

The documentary “Salt and Light“, a vivid video story of the Sixth World Conference of Friends, comes thanks to four Friends from Pacific Yearly Meeting.