2020 Annual Session

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 2020 Annual Session will not be an in-person gathering but will take “virtually” in various online programs and meetings over a longer period. The gathering was previously scheduled to take place July 10-15, 2020, at Walker Creek Ranch near Petaluma, CA, USA.  This year’s theme is “Radical Inclusivity:  Responding to the Persistent and Insistent Love of God“. See Clerk’s Call to 2020 Annual Session for more on the original plans. See the Clerk’s Announcement for more about the changes in store.

This page will contain information and documents related to the preparation for and conduct of the 2020 Annual Session as plans develop for conducting it (or some version of it) online. Afterwards any “outcomes” (e.g. epistles and minutes) will be posted here as well.  For information about PYM Annual Sessions in general, please see the Annual Session Information page.

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Advance Information

Clerk’s Call


  • Click here to register. (Opens in a new tab.)
  • Register by TBD to avoid late fees.
  • Apply by TBD for financial assistance.
  • Attendance fees list
  • Information about financial assistance and other ways to reduce the cost of attendance.

Some Deadlines for Annual Session 2020

  • INTEREST GROUP PROPOSALS: March 8. See How to Schedule an Interest Group at Annual Session.
  • APPLY TO VOLUNTEER WITH TEENS OR CHILDREN’S PROGRAM: TBD.  A fantastic way for adults to experience Annual Session and have your registration fees waived as well. Click here for more information and the application form.
  • BUDGET REQUESTS: TBD. Annual Session is where we approve next year’s general budget and any augmentations to current year’s general or annual session budgets. Send requests and input to Finance Committee in time for them to deliberate and prepare their report and budget proposals which FinCom must submit by TBD.
  • ATTENDANCE ASSISTANCE REQUEST: TBD.  Access the form from within registration.  Ensure your Meeting communicates their decision about their portion of contribution by TBD. M&O will communicate decisions to applicants on June 10.
  • REGISTRATION or CANCELLATION: TBD to avoid late fees. After June 12 registrations are subject to a 5% late fee and cancellations are subject to a $100 cancellation fee.
  • REPORTS: June 12. Committees, Officers and Representatives submitting reports for Annual Session should follow these Guidelines for Reports to Annual Session (updated for 2020).

Advance Packet and Updates To It

PYM AS 2020 Packet of Advance Materials contains committee reports and other materials in preparation for Annual Session.  If you just want an individual report, you will find it below under Committee and Officer Reports.

  • PYM-AS-2020.Packet-of-Advance-Materials

Updates:  The following are reports and information that are either “new” (i.e. not in Advance Packet) or have been revised or corrected from the version in the Packet.

Information for specific age groups

  • Information for Registrants (all ages)
  • Children’s Program, including permission/medical forms and Welcome Letter to Parents/Guardians/Sponsors
  • Teens (Junior Yearly Meeting, aka JYM) including permission/medical forms
    • JYM’s “What to Expect for Parents/Sponsors” and the “Welcome Letter and What to Bring – Packing List”: see JYM 2020 page
    • Dance Theme 2020 is “TBD” … ALL AGES INVITED! Hosted by JYM.
  • Young Adult Friends (aka YAFs) and their pre-AS Retreat
  • Adults who work with youth (FRAPs, Teachers, Committee Members, Staff, other Volunteers)

Ride Sharing

  • There is a Google document online for people to offer or request rides. You can view and contribute to it here.

During the Session

Community Expectations

  • Community Expectations for All Attenders 2020
  • Walker Creek Ranch Site use policies

Schedules and Agendas

  • Schedule for AS 2020
  • Plenary Agendas for AS 2020
  • The Schedule Explained 2020
  • Interest Group Descriptions and Schedule 2020
  • JYM Schedule 2020

Daily Miracle

This is the bulletin that seems to miraculously appear each morning at Annual Session with schedules, announcements and other information pertinent to attenders as well as to Friends generally.

Keynote Speaker

Mica Estrada will be the keynote speaker. See the Clerk’s Call to AS 2020 (linked above) to learn more about Mica.

Site: Walker Creek Ranch

Committee/Officer Reports

Most of the reports below are also included in the all-in-one Advance Packet as well as in the final Minutes Packet.  Those that are not in the Advance Packet or are revised are marked “not in Advance Packet”.

Arrangements Committee

Children’s Program Committee

Communications Committee

Elder to Presiding Clerk

Faith and Practice Revision Committee

Finance Committee and Treasurer


Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Adult Committee

Latin American Concerns Committee

Ministry and Oversight Committee

Naming Committee

Nominating Committee

  • Note: Nominating Slates are proposals brought for approval at Annual Session. They typically go through multiple revisions in the course of the session as additional nominees are found. See the Nominating Committee page for the final approved PYM Roster as of close of session and for any updates that have been posted since then.

Peace and Social Order Committee

PYM Holding Corporation

Quarterly Meetings Coordination Team

Racial Justice Subcommittee


Statistical Clerk


  • See “Finance Committee and Treasurer” above

Unity with Nature Committee

Youth Programs Coordinating Committee and YP Coordinator

Reports from Outside Organizations and from PYM Representatives to Outside Organizations

Epistles from other Yearly Meetings

The following epistles (or excerpts from them) were read at various plenary sessions

American Friends Service Committee Corporation

Earthlight Bookstore

Evangelical Friends Church Southwest

Friends Bulletin Corp (Western Friend Magazine)

Friends Committee on Legislation of California

Friends Committee on National Legislation

Friends General Conference

Friends Peace Teams

Friends World Committee for Consultation

Quaker Earthcare Witness

Quaker Oaks Farm

Reunión General de los Amigos en México

William Penn House


If you attended all or part of the session, we hope you will fill out the 2020 Annual Session Evaluation Survey.  The deadline for submissions is TBD.

Epistles from PYM Annual Session


  • PYM-AS-2020.Minutes-Packet (these are the final minutes and reports from the business sessions held at annual session.  Most of the committee reports are also included as attachments in this Packet.)

Contacts (2020)

General questions about PYM and Annual Session:
Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk, pymassistanttotheclerk@gmail.com

Registrars: Lawrence Alderson (Orange County) and Brylie Oxlie,
PYM Registrar Gmail <pacificyearlymeetingregistrar@gmail.com>
Mailing Address to mail checks (made out to “Pacific Yearly Meeting”) for completed registrations: TBD
Last year it was PYM Registration; Joe Magruder; 1625 Curtis Street; Berkeley, CA 94702-1328.

Bronwen Hillman, Clerk of Arrangements Committee <pym.arrangements@gmail.com>

Children’s Program: Clerk: Suellen Lowry suellenquaker@gmail.com

Coordinator: TBD

Teens (Junior Yearly Meeting, aka JYM): Adult Co-Clerks of JYM:

Young Adult Friends (aka YAFs): www.pacificyearlymeeting.org/young-adult-friends/. TBD

Daily Miracle:
Secretariat Clerk: TBD <PYMSecretariat@gmail.com>
See Submission instructions if you have something you want to appear in the Miracle.

See more contacts on the Contact Us page