2021 Annual Session Information

This is the information page for Pacific Yearly Meeting’s upcoming 2021 Annual Session, which will occur online July 23 – 28, 2021. Information will be added to this page as it becomes available.

The theme of the 2021 session will be “Love and Justice:  Heeding the Spirit’s Power Within and Among Us.” See the Clerk’s Call for more about the theme.

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Advance Information

Clerk’s Call


Information for Specific Age Groups

Advance Packet

The Packet of Advance Materials is an all-in-one PDF containing (nearly all of the) committee reports and some other materials you will need.  If you just want an individual report, you will find it below under Committee and Officer Reports.

During the Session

Zoom Information

 The AS LIVE 2021 page contains links to all the Zoom meetings and other materials for attenders only. Registered attenders check your email from TBD for the password to this page. 

Schedules and Agendas

See also  AS LIVE 2021 for Zoom links and additional information for registered attenders only.

All of the following documents are either not in the Advance Packet or have corrections over what is in the Advance Packet.

  • Schedule for AS 2021
  • The Schedule Explained 2021
  • Plenary Agendas for AS 2021
  • Interest Group Descriptions and Schedule
  • JYM Schedule 2021

Keynote Speaker

Committee/Officer Reports

The individual reports listed below are also (unless otherwise indicated) included in the all-in-one Advance Packet linked above.  If you are submitting a late report please contact the Assistant to the Clerk.

Reports from Representatives to Outside Organizations

The individual reports below are also included in the all-in-one Advance Packet linked above.

Deadlines that Have Passed

Late Registration


Get Involved

The year-around work of Pacific Yearly Meeting is conducted almost entirely by volunteers. Without the many, many volunteers none of it would happen. Working on committees is also a great way to enlarge your circle of F/friends beyond your local community. The Service Survey form is where you can communicate your gifts and interests to the Nominating Committee, whose job it is to match people with the best place to put their talents to use.


  • Pacific YM 2021 Epistle


  • This will link to the final minutes and reports from the business sessions.  These will also be posted on the PYM Minutes page.