PYM Minute 2011.8: Opposition to Torture

PYM Minute 2011.8: As Friends, we stand firmly opposed to torture committed by anyone in any setting.  We support the work of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture ( as well as of Quakers’ Initiative to End Torture ( We urge elected officials to bring to justice those who have authorized torture in violation of international law. We urge our governments to stop preventing the victims of torture from seeking redress and just compensation in our courts. We are also deeply concerned that cruel and inhumane punishment such as involuntary long-term solitary confinement are taking place in prisons in California and throughout the USA and the world.  Finally, we support the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT), which can help prevent torture and abuse by requiring a ratifying country to establish National Preventative Mechanisms (NPMs) to monitor the treatment of prisoners. In addition to the NPMs, OPCAT allows for international oversight of places of confinement to ensure that torture and other abuses are not occurring.

As Quakers, we believe that torture is a moral and religious issue. We believe that there is “that of God” in every human being and therefore everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Torture does incalculable and long-lasting damage to the torturer, the torture victim and the witnesses of torture. Torture erodes a nation’s moral fiber, diminishes its moral standing in the world, incites retaliation, and puts at risk the lives of its citizens abroad and at home.

We urge an end to this practice.”

Transformative Quakers – life of Korean Quaker, Sok Hon Han

On Tuesday, 7:00 A.M. at Pacific Yearly Meeting the session of Transformative Quakers will present  the life of Korean Quaker, Sok Hon Han.  I know in the 1960’s he had a relationship with Pacific Yearly Meeting.

I am guessing it was through our East-West Committee.  If you know of this time period or of Sok Hon Han, we invite you to the meeting on Tuesday. (sorry its so early).  If you cannot attend and want to share with us please e-mail me a

In Peace,  Brian Vura-Weis, Transformative Friends Convener

Affinity Group: Quakers and the 9/11 Truth Movement

Affinity Group: Quakers and the 9/11 Truth Movement

8:30 pm on the Patio of The Hub (just outside the Plenary hall)

The events of September 11, 2001 have been used to justify a perpetual state of war, demonize Arabs and Islam, justify torture and imprisonment without trial, and perpetrate attacks on fundamental civil and human rights. In the years since 9/11/2001 a “Truth Movement,” with a large contingent of architects, engineers, and scientists, has amassed evidence that the official story is a myth, the official investigations were a sham, and that the actual perpetrators had to have close ties with the U.S. government and military-industrial complex. The press, even the progressive press, has stigmatized this line of inquiry as “conspiracy theory,” labeled the participants “Truthers,” and has largely made mainstream discussion of the evidence taboo.


This affinity group is being convened by David Chandler of Visalia Friends Meeting. David is a physics and mathematics teacher (and Harvey Mudd College alumnus), on the board of the International Center for 9/11 Studies, and one of the lead researchers with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Scientists for 9/11 Truth. A DVD with the results of his research (9/11 Analysis) is available at the table alongside the Walnuts from Quaker Oaks Farm.


Truth is a spiritual issue. Quakers have always been a Truth Movement.  We believe it is high time to lend our support and our voice to the growing demand for truth on this issue of fundamental importance.  Please attend if you would like to consider an expanded role for Quakers in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

For Committee Clerks

Dear Committee Clerks,

We will soon be seeing one another at the annual gathering – hooray!  I appreciate the thoughtful engagement that the committees have had over the year.  Because plenary time is reduced by about 2 hours from last year, opportunities to showcase your work is limited in that venue.  You will need to rely more heavily on The Daily Miracle. table space and lunchtime tables (and this website).

Anthony Manousos suggested that one committee at a time sit in front of us all during plenary so that we all have a better sense of who carries out the work for us.  I would like to use that suggestion.  For the first session, those people who give us information about the campus space and our programs plus the officers will be introduced and sit in front.  On Tuesday, the M&O committee will be in front, Wed., P&SC, Latin American Concerns, Thurs., Unity with Nature and Sites committees, Friday, representatives to other bodies, and Saturday, unscheduled, so far.  I am imagining that all the committee members will be in front, not just the clerks.

I request that you post reports on the website – sending them to Don Bean – as you did for RepCom, especially if your committee has an issue to bring forward that takes some thought.  I felt that representatives had a better handle on our business last March as a result of having information in advance, and I think that it would be helpful, now, too. Having reports posted by July 18 would give folks time to think about the information prior to the annual gathering.

I hope that your committee work has been satisfying and that you’re looking forward to sharing what you have learned.

In peace,

Marilee Eusebio


For Meeting Reps to PYM

Dear Monthly Meeting Representatives to PYM,

I trust that all is going well with your communication between your monthly meeting and PYM.  I have some additional information for you. Now published are the annual gathering schedule and the plenary agendas.  You will see a 45 minute time for representatives to meet.  The short time is set aside for us to check with each other about how the work has gone for us and to make adjustments as needed.  I would like former and newly appointed representatives to attend for the breadth of knowledge and the questions that newcomers ask.

These two documents are posted on our website.

The Free Time that you see on the schedule is taken from plenary time. Last year we had two hours more plenary time than we do this year.

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

In peace,

Marilee Eusebio