Additional Information about FGC Affiliation and a Request for Monthly Meetings to Season

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2/1/18 – To Meeting Representatives and Clerks of Monthly Meetings,

At Pacific Yearly Meeting Annual Session in 2017, Ministry and Oversight Committee (M&O) brought forward for discernment the question of Pacific Yearly Meeting’s affiliation with Friends General Conference.  During the consideration of this question at the 2017 Annual Session, some Friends asked for additional information and time for seasoning at the monthly meeting level.  Ministry and Oversight Committee has prepared materials to aid in our continued discernment at the 2018 Annual Session.

In order to be well prepared for discernment, M&O is now asking monthly meetings to season the matter of affiliating between now and April 30, 2018 by reflecting on these queries:

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Role-based Email Addresses for PYM – A Progress Report and Request for Feedback

The following progress report from the PYM Communications Committee is addressed to all PYM committee clerks, officers, representatives and staff.  We are seeking feedback specifically from those “office holders” within PYM.  But others may wish to know this information as well, so we post the report here as well.

Dear Pacific Yearly Meeting Committee Clerks, Officers, Reps and Staff,

PYM Communications Committee is writing to report on our progress towards reinstating role-based email addresses for PYM positions such as yours and to solicit your timely feedback before we move too far along.

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Annual Session 2017 – Clerk’s Call

Download: Clerk’s Call to PYM 2017 Annual Session (PDF) or read below.

For more information about Annual Session, please see the Annual Session Information page or the Minutes and Reports page.

Clerk’s Call to
Walker Creek Ranch
Friday, July 14 to Wednesday, July 19, 2017


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RepCom 2017 – March 3-5 in Palo Alto – Clerk’s Call

Clerk’s Call to

PYM Representative Committee 2017:
Click for Downloadable PDF Version of the Call to RepCom

RepCom will be held at Palo Alto Friends Meeting and begin on Friday, March 3 at 6pm, continuing to Sunday, March 5 if necessary.

Please register for RepCom by Feb 10th using the online form:

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Unity with Nature report to Annual Session 2016

Dear Friends of Pacific Yearly Meeting,

Unity with Nature Committee’s function is to encourage, support, share, and bring forward Pacific Yearly Meeting [PYM] Friends’ concerns, witness, and leadings for Earthcare. Central to our concerns for the last many years is to slow and eventually stop global warming and its horrific proliferation of dire consequences for both humans and the whole ecosystem. Transitioning to sustainable living systems, net zero energy use, keeping fossil fuels in the ground, permaculture, acting locally, and a carbon free future are among the solutions that many Friends envision.

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Latin American Concerns Committee Job Description


In 1997, the Annual Session established a standing Latin America Concerns Committee to gather and disseminate information to Pacific and other Yearly Meetings regarding Friends groups and service projects in Latin America. The intention is to support rather than replace spirit-led projects already supported by Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups and individual Friends.


Committee meetings will be held three to four times a year: usually before and during Annual Session and Representative Committee. Some meetings will be by conference call. These meetings will include planning and preparation of Interest Groups at Annual Session. The three main programs, Casa de los Amigos, El Salvador Project and Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program, will take turns as presenters for Interest Groups. Subcommittee/Working Groups will be formed as appropriate. There is a PYM fund to assist the committee in bringing representatives or others to Annual Session. The committee, through the clerk, should communicate with clerk of Finance Committee the recommendations for committee expenses (line 5238) and Latin America Concerns Outreach (line 5212/R2749) for the upcoming fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) at least two months before Annual Session. The clerk should assess whether the approved committee budget is sufficient to complete the committee’s work and request augmentations as appropriate to clerk of Finance before Representative Committee and/or Annual Session.


The committee is composed of from five to nine members

who are determined by the Nominating Committee in consultation with the committee. Additionally, there are three members appointed to the committee, one each from Casa de los Amigos, El Salvador Project and Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program.






Information gathering and dissemination regarding Latin American meetings and projects.

Make report to the Representative Committee and PYM Annual Session



Communication with contacts in PYM Monthly Meetings.

Support of subcommittees as needed

Clerk shall make request to Finance for the coming year’s budget 2 months before Annual Session.




Committee meetings are held usually 3-4 times a year, lasting up to 2 hours each time. One to two are in-person and two are by telephone conference. There may arise occasion for additional telephone conferences.

Co-Clerks meet as needed to prepare for meetings.

Committee member work may include writing, attending meetings, information gathering regarding Latin American meetings and projects, communication with contacts in PYM Monthly Meetings, and planning/preparation of Annual Session Interest Groups.

Minutes of meetings are kept.

No expenditures are necessary beyond reimbursable expenses.



Revision approved by LACC June 2015

Finance Committee Travel Subsidy Recommendation

Finance Committee recommends a subsidy for Friends traveling to Annual Gathering in excess of 200 miles:

  • subsidy for those traveling over 200 miles by car pools of 3 persons or more $25.00/person
  • subsidy for those traveling over 400 miles by car pools of 3 persons or more $50.00/person
  • comparable subsidies for people traveling by bus or train, also based on distance.

The subsidy will be paid for by a $1.00 increase in assessment and a $5.00 increase in session fees for Friends in mainland U.S.