2021 RepCom Reports and Minutes

Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 2021 Representative Committee meeting (“RepCom”) will take place Feb 27 and March 6, 2021, via Zoom. This page contains information about attending the meeting and links to reports and other documents pertaining to the meeting.

After RepCom the minutes will be posted here and also on the PYM Minutes page. For general information about Representative Committee and links to records from other years’ meetings, see the RepCom pages.

Some Deadlines

  • REGISTRATION deadline is Sunday, February 14. Registration form is here.
  • REPORTS  deadline is Monday, Feb 8Instructions are below.
  • BUDGET REQUESTS: RepCom is where we approve the Annual Session Budget as well as handle any mid-year General Budget augmentations. Requests should be submitted to the Finance Committee well ahead of the Feb 8 report deadline.
  • INTEREST GROUPS FOR ANNUAL SESSION:  Sunday, March 7 (the end of RepCom) is the deadline for committees to submit seasoned proposals for Interest Groups at Annual Session 2021.  See  How to Schedule an Interest Group at Annual Session for details.

Clerk’s Call and Advance Materials

  • Clerk’s Call to RepCom 2021 contains useful information for anyone planning to attend RepCom or anyone involved with PYM business.
  • Registration form (please fill out one form per person)
  • Advance Materials.  This all-in-one PDF includes the Clerk’s Call and all committee and representative reports that were submitted by the deadline.
  • Documents NOT in the Advance Packet (or that need correction) are listed here, as well as in the individual reports section.

Committee and Officer Reports

Reports from Outside Organizations and from PYM Representatives to Outside Organizations

Minutes Packet

  • PYM RepCom 2021 Minutes Packet (also posted on the PYM Minutes page, where you can find minutes for all recent RepCom meetings and Annual Sessions)

Instructions for Authors of Documents for this Page

Call to Representative Committee 2020

the theme of our Annual Session in July will be

 Radical Inclusivity:  Responding to the Persistent and Insistent Love of God 


RepCom will be hosted by Quaker Oaks Farm (QOF), meeting at the Visalia Friends’ Meetinghouse (VFM) on the ancestral land of the Wukchumni Tribe from 6pm on Friday, March 6, through Saturday March 7 and continuing to Sunday March 8 if necessary.


Please register for RepCom by SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15 by filling out the form on the PYM website:


 (Persons registering after Friday February 15 cannot be assured of overnight hospitality.)

Before coming to RepCom, please review the advance documents on the website carefully.


Overnight accommodations will be provided in nearby homes and there is plenty of camping and floor sleeping space available at QOF, adjacent to VFM There are also inexpensive hotels/Airbnbs in Visalia and Exeter. Friday dinner through Sunday lunch will be provided (along with snacks/tea/coffee) for a suggested donation to QOF of $40. Please note any food restrictions in your registration.


Visalia is easily accessible by car, bus, or train and shuttles to the Meetinghouse will be provided. Travel expenses of officers, clerks, and Representative Committee members (Monthly Meetings’ representatives to PYM) are reimbursed 25¢ per mile for round trip road atlas mileage between the member’s Home Meeting and the location of the Meeting being attended or actual expenses up to $.25 per mile. Round trip travel from Mexico or Hawaii is reimbursed up to $600. Members are encouraged to reduce costs by taking advantage of special bargain rates (early reservation, two for one, special offers, etc.).  


Please submit written reports by February 15 to Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk (email address below).  Guidelines for reports are on the PYM web page. Reports sent after 2/15 might not be posted prior to RepCom. Contact Sandy Kewman, Presiding Clerk (email address below) if your committee is presenting at RepCom. 

Interest Groups at the 2020 Annual Session

The process for getting Interest Groups scheduled for Annual Session is on the PYM website. Please submit your proposals by Sunday, March 8 to Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk (email address below).

Junior Yearly Meeting:  The youth leadership of Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) and JYM  Adult Committee members will  meet at QOF March 6-8 to plan for JYM 2020 at Walker Creek Ranch. JYM planners look forward to worshiping and sharing meals with Friends attending RepCom.  If you have questions, please contact the clerk of the JYM Adult Committee, Dan Strickland danstrickland2001@yahoo.com.

Sandy Kewman, Presiding Clerk of PYM, will preside at RepCom. She and I will send you further information, including an agenda, in one or more follow-up mailings. 

Questions for the Presiding Clerk? Contact Sandy at PYMclerk@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you in Visalia,
Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk

RepCom 2017 – March 3-5 in Palo Alto – Clerk’s Call

Clerk’s Call to

PYM Representative Committee 2017:
Click for Downloadable PDF Version of the Call to RepCom

RepCom will be held at Palo Alto Friends Meeting and begin on Friday, March 3 at 6pm, continuing to Sunday, March 5 if necessary.

Please register for RepCom by Feb 10th using the online form:

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YPCC Report to Representative Committee 2016


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2016 RepCom Reports and Minutes

This post contains reports and minutes for the 2016 Representative Committee meeting. Reports are organized alphabetically by committee/officer.

RepCom Minutes


AdHoc – Transitions between Children’s Program & JYM

Arrangements Committee

  • No report

Children’s Program Committee

Discipline Committee

Finance Committee & Treasurer

Holding Corporation

Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Committee

  • No report

Latin American Concerns Committee

Ministry & Oversight Committee

Nominating Committee

Peace and Social Order Committee


  • No report

Secretariat Committee

Statistical Clerk


  • See “Finance Committee & Treasurer” above

Unity with Nature

Young Adult Friends

  • No report

Youth Programs Coordinating Committee & YP Coordinator

Discipline Committee-Report to Representative Committee 2015

Discipline has begun its task of a revision of our current Faith and Practice. To date we have gathered for two face to face meetings and one conference call. Our next meeting is planned for late this Spring and we plan to try utilizing the video conferencing software the Western Friend has acquired, to see how this newer technology can help us further our work, and still shrink the size of our carbon footprint. We began by asking one another how we envision a new edition of our book of discipline will look in 5 years. At our first meeting we became clear we need to start a dialogue within this Yearly Meeting, both with the Monthly Meetings as well as individuals, how they use the current Faith and Practice (or not); what within the current Discipline speaks to them and what does not. He have written a group of initial queries to the Monthly Meetings, to Junior Yearly Meeting and to Young Adult Friends, asking them to respond to us with their initial thoughts, asking them to respond to our committee by the end of April which we expect will help us in our work. (see attached letters) . To date, we have received thoughtful responses from San Diego and La Jolla MM, and several others Meetings have indicated they’re in the process of preparing a response to us. We have also recently received thoughtful from two individuals with their thoughts.

Our committee sees this as the beginning of a dialogue, not the sole opportunity for input. We already have more questions to pose to the Meetings, but are loath to do so just yet, as so many have not yet had the time to season and respond to our first queries. We are balancing our need for input, & our whole community’s need for transparency in this revision process, along with the desire we have heard voiced that this revision considerably less than the decade the last revision took, & not wanting to be experienced as an undue burden by the Monthly Meetings. We have at our most recent committee meeting divided the responsibility for primary contact with each of the Monthly Meetings within PYM. In the months ahead, sometime in the months ahead the clerks of each Meeting will hear from one of our committee members, an effort to further communication in this revision process.

We have formulated a 6 month timeline for our initial work, and as individuals have divided some of the responsibilities for drafting sections of the discipline where clear updates need to be made, for the whole committee to season. We are still in the process of crafting a further 5 year timeline for how we will proceed.

Today we bring you word on our proposed interest group our committee plans to hold at the next annual session, on membership: What does it mean to be a Quaker? We plan to present a brief history of membership followed by worship-sharing and discussion, in the hopes of helping Discipline committee clarify what the PYM community believes on this subject, as we begin to revise Faith and Practice.

One final note from your Discipline Committee’s clerk – in our early deliberations, it has become quite clear to this Friend, the various connotations our words can have, are often connotations other individuals may not share. In revising our Discipline, we will need to labor tenderly with one another, listening with an open heart as we choose the words, the terms, las palabras y los dichos that convey to all the spirit of our Quaker thought and practice.

Respectfully submitted,

DJ Bloom, Clerk of Discipline


Latin American Concerns Committee report



In 1997, PYM annual session established a standing Latin America Concerns Committee to gather and disseminate information to Pacific and other Yearly Meetings regarding Friends groups and service projects in Latin America. The intention is to support rather than replace spirit-led projects already supported by Monthly Meetings, Worship Groups and individual Friends.

LACC has met once since last annual session. LACC, along with Peace and Social Order Committee, encouraged the invitation of Paula Palmer of Boulder Meeting to present a workshop at Annual Session 2015 titled Toward Right Relationship with America’s Native Peoples. The director of the Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program, Miguel Costop, is planning to attend this coming Annual Session. The committee has requested Interest Group time for his presentation on Quakerism and Mayan Spirituality.

The Child Refugee and Migration subcommittee led by convener Lynnette Arnold has met 20 times since Annual Session and continues to meet regularly. We have a very dedicated group of 4 members who are on every call with another 4-5 who are generally on the calls. We also have an email list of about 25 who are kept in the loop of our work. A Western Friend article, Leading of the Spirit in Support of Child Refugees, was written by participants of the subcommittee. A letter and resource packet has been developed and was distributed to all meetings in PYM along with Minutes from four PYM monthly meetings (attached). Leading and Mission statements were posted to the PYM web site under LACC along with the Resource List and monthly meeting Minutes. An Annual Session Interest Group on Child Refugees and Migration is being requested along with Peace and Social Order Committee, as co-sponsor.


Casa de los Amigos has had a full and productive year of diverse peace work in Mexico City, and has been held by our local and international community. The Casa’s Hospitality Program, which includes our social justice oriented guesthouse, has been active as ever, all year long. Our flourishing Migration and Economic Justice Programs are built on this fertile ground. We have strengthened our rich partnerships with many Mexican and international organizations, and continue to provide temporary emergency housing and daily Spanish classes to migrants and refugees from around the world. We installed a rainwater catchment system as part of an ongoing process of lightening the Casa’s environmental impact. This year the Casa has also expanded opportunities to share our work and witness with our community, by coordinating educational and awareness-building activities for many of our visiting groups. We offered a Quaker Social Action in Mexico Learning Tour and are planning more! Above all, the Casa’s daily life of faith, fun and good will is the Casa’s offering to the city and open to all.


The El Salvador Projects of Palo Alto Meeting currently support 13 university students from poor rural communities with student loans that can be repaid in cash, through community service, or through financial support for another student. The students’ fields of study are varied and wide-ranging, from law and medicine to art and teaching. Many students live in a house in San Salvador that we rent in partnership with other programs that also support university students.

Annually, our Field Director, Robert Broz, is the principal organizer of a university fair in Suchitoto, El Salvador, that brings prospective students together with representatives of institutions of higher learning and programs that offer financial aid.

The Projects also help to fund a few positions in rural schools that do not receive adequate support from the government. We also help to support periodic skills workshops in rural villages on such topics as how to build efficient and inexpensive stoves and alternatives to violence training. We collect unneeded reading glasses in the United States and send them to El Salvador, where they enable older people to resume work and activities that had been beyond them due to vision loss.


The Projects are overseen by a committee of Palo Alto Meeting that supports the Field Director in discernment and planning and raises funds, largely through newsletters that are sent to supporters 2-3 times per year.



In 2014, 20 students graduated from the Guatemala Friends Scholarship Program (known as Progresa in Guatemala) 15 at the secondary level and5 from university. We accepted 28 new students including 4 who are in medical school. Our total number of students for 2015 is 77 with the possibility of 1 to 3 more being added.

Last summer, a group of 20 Junior Friends from North Pacific Yearly Meeting toured around Guatemala with our director Miguel Costop. During their travels, they met several Progresa students and graduates. They learned first hand about the hardships Guatemalans face and came to realize how important Progresa has been in overcoming obstacles. The sixth Teaching English Experience was held in January with 14 North Americans teaching 14 Progresa students. It is such a rewarding experience that half of the teachers were returnees. We are looking forward to our Annual Student Conference in May when our students and former students come together to learn and network.

For all the work involved, we continue to feel encouraged and blessed when we see how lives and communities are enriched by the opportunities for social justice that education provides.

Submitted by

Donna Smith, Clerk