Job Opening: Administrative Assistant

Pacific Yearly Meeting is seeking a part-time, administrative assistant to provide support to the PacYM Clerk and Assistant to the Clerk. This position is a newly developed role with responsibilities that will be developed in coordination with the Clerk, the Assistant to the Clerk, and the PacYM Ministry Committee. The position will be supervised directly by the PacYM Clerk but will report to the Assistant to the Clerk for many routine tasks.

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Laura Magnani, Clerk of Pacific Yearly Meeting, at by end of day October 15, 2021. Questions may be sent to the Assistant to the Clerk, Heather Levien, at

(For a PDF version of this announcement, click here: Job Opening Admin Position Sept 2021.)

Responsibilities may include:

Manage PacYM Zoom accounts

Set up Zoom meetings on behalf of Officers and Committees Maintain a calendar of PacYM Zoom meetings

Post and update the process for requesting a Zoom meeting on the PacYM website

Support Coordinating Team Calls

Send out an email to all Officers, Committee Clerks, and Representative & Delegates to outside organizations after new Nominating slate is approved at Annual Session, with description of Coordinating Teams and list of who is on which team.

Send polls to schedule Coordinating team meetings.

Send agenda and Zoom link to each Coordinating Team member in advance of each meeting.

Support Representative Committee (RepCom)

Identify location for in-person RepCom meetings, when appropriate

Create the RepCom registration form and post on the PacYM website

Draft and send the Call to Representative Committee in December. Include link to the registration form and the deadline for reports (usually 2 weeks before the start of RepCom). Post the template for Reports to Representative Committee on the PacYM website.

Receive reports and work with submitters to address any problems with the reports. Work with the website editors to get the reports posted.

Attend RepCom and be available to assist the Presiding Clerk as needed. Publicize deadline for reports to Annual Session at RepCom.

Work with an ad hoc committee on the possibility of a blended 2022 annual session, combining in-person and virtual attendance:

                  • Determine the capacity of Walker Creek to host online sessions
                  • Determine whether enhanced equipment would be necessary
                  • Make recommendations to RepCom
                  • Consider possibility of holding some but not all sessions as blended
                  • Consider possibility of holding some sessions as extended annual session, online only
                  • Explore possibilities other than the tent for the plenary sessions

Support Annual Session

Email the Call to Annual Session to Officers, Committee Clerks, Reps & Delegates, and MM Reps as soon as the Presiding Clerk has it ready.

Work with the Presiding Clerk to create a draft Annual Session schedule in collaboration with the Assistant to the Clerk

Publicize the deadline for reports.

Send out a “Registration is Open” email when Friends can begin registering for Annual Session. Receive reports and work with submitters to address any problems them.

Collaborate with the website editors to have the reports posted.

Draft and send the “2nd email” to all Annual Session registrants with information they will need prior to Annual Session.

Attend Annual Session and be available to assist the Presiding Clerk as needed.

Attend an evaluation meeting with all Committee Clerks at the close of Annual Session. Send out a post-session email to all Annual Session registrants

Special Projects Assigned by the PacYM Clerk, as time permits


Participation in the Society of Friends (Quaker) meetings and knowledge of Friends’ practices

Experience with the platforms that PacYM uses, including MS Office, Google Docs, Zoom, and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Good organizational skills

Attention to detail

Sense of humor!


Familiarity with the Pacific Yearly Meeting community


20 hours per week, flexible. Attendance at meetings, RepCom, and Pacific Yearly Meeting will be required.


$20,800 and insurance benefits


Coordinating Teams

During the evaluation session for Clerks and Officers at the end of the 2015 Annual Session, the issue was raised that coordination and communication could be improved among those involved in supporting the business of the Yearly Meeting. To this end, Diego Navarro (then Presiding Clerk) created five coordinating groups that meet via video conference for 1.5-hour conference calls, once in the Fall/Winter and once in the Spring. During the calls, information is shared about what each committee, officer, or representative is working on, how it might impact the next gathering (Representative Committee or Annual Session), and what assistance is needed from others on the Team.

[PDF version of this report: Coordinating Teams Description 2018-11-16]

The five Coordinating Teams are

  • Action
    • Nominating Committee Clerk
    • Latin American Concerns Committee Clerk
    • Peace & Social Order Committee Clerk
    • Racial Justice Subcommittee Clerk
    • Unity with Nature Committee Clerk
  • Quarterly Meetings
    • College Park Quarterly Meeting M&O Clerk
    • College Park Quarterly Meeting Presiding Clerk
    • Southern California Quarterly Meeting M&C Clerk
    • Southern California Quarterly Meeting Presiding Clerk
  • Youth
    • Children’s Program Coordinator
    • Children’s Program Committee Clerk
    • JYM Adult Committee Clerk
    • JYM Youth Clerks
    • Youth Programs Coordinator’s Supervisor
    • Youth Programs Coordinating Committee Clerk
  • Logistics
    • Arrangements Clerk
    • Children’s Program Coordinator
    • Communications Committee Clerk
    • Discipline / F&P Revision Committee Clerk
    • Finance Committee Clerk
    • Nominating Committee Clerk
    • Registrar
    • Secretariat Clerk
    • Treasurer
  • Delegates & Representatives
    • AFSC Reps Convener
    • Evangelical Friends Church Southwest Observer
    • FCLCA Rep
    • FCNL Reps Convener
    • FGC Central Committee Observer
    • Friends Bulletin Board Convener
    • Friends Peace Team Board Rep
    • FUM Observer
    • FWCC Reps Convener
    • QEW Rep
    • Reunión General Observer
    • William Penn House Rep

In addition, the Presiding Clerk, the Presiding Clerk’s Elder, the Assistant to the Clerk, the Clerks of M&O, and the Youth Programs Coordinator serve on all five teams.

This information posted 2018-10-15, revised 11-16, by Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk


As approved by Nominating Committee, April 18, 2015


This job description is for the Registrars, who are unpaid and nominated by Nominating Committee, but also describes the work of the Contract Registration Service, which is paid or otherwise compensated. Prior to 2008, Pacific Yearly Meeting used Registrars alone (without a CRS), but that procedure became unworkable.

Two Registrars with overlapping 2-year terms.

Contract Registration Service

The Registrars (who are not paid) work with a Contract Registration Service (who may be paid for their work, or who may direct PYM to send funds to some activity that the CRS especially wishes to support). See table, Process for Selecting and Approving a Contract Registration Service (Appendix 1 to this job description).

Tasks for Registrars – Summary

  1. Get and supervise a Contract Registration Service. Major tasks. See Appendix 1.
  2. Finance Committee sets fee schedule for Annual Session. Registrars actively assist.
  3. Gather information to produce registration materials. See Appendix 3.
  4. Work at Annual Session. Major tasks.
  5. Evaluation and follow-up.

See Appendixes 1, 2, 3.

Tasks for Contract Registration Service – Summary

  1. Develop registration materials, both paper and on-line.
  2. Receive registration materials from registrants.
  3. Collect and deposit payments prior to session, and collect payments during office hours at session. Create name tags and meal tickets.
  4. Provide detailed reports to various PYM committees and officers and to the site.
  5. Check people in during office hours. Some registrations will be modified upon arrival. Collect and forward permission slips, etc.
  6. Follow-up.

See Appendixes 1, 2, 3.

Registration systems must accommodate numerous possibilities. Some persons will attend part time. Also, there will be day attenders.

On-Line Registration System

Some people will register on line; others will use paper. An on-line system requires technical setup. This may be done by PYM’s webmaster or by someone else. The Registrars designate the person to do this.

Time Expectations

The Registrar positions take significant time, but not as much time as if a Contract Registration Service were not used. In the fall and early winter, the CRS is selected; this is sometimes simple (maybe 6 hours) but can take more time. From about January through April, setting things up, there is work every week or two, usually 1 or 2 hours. However, in a few of those weeks, 6 hours or more may be needed. Once registration is set up (including website and paper forms), the workload shifts largely from Registrars to the CRS. There is a task, shortly before session, which the Registrars are active in: room assignments; this takes 4 to 6 hours. On the first day of session, arrive early and work all day. On other days of session, possibly an hour or so daily. See Appendixes 1 and 2.

Appendix 1 to Registrars Job Description

Process for Selecting and Approving a Contract Registration Service



Person/Committee Responsible

At Annual Gathering

Announce that there will be an open process for selecting a registration team for Pacific Yearly Meeting. All interested Meetings and Friends are encouraged to apply to be the Contract Registration Service for the upcoming year. Details will be announced by November 1.


End of September

Read and interpret evaluations and other comments regarding the registration process for the current year’s Annual Gathering

Outgoing Registrars, current Registrars, Ministry and Oversight liaison, Assistant Clerk


Develop a “Call for Contract Registration Service” based on PYM needs. Reference job description held by Nominating Committee. Send to Presiding Clerk for review. When approved, send to Assistant Clerk for dispersal.

Registrars, Ministry and Oversight liaison. (See Minute PYM AS 2013-11. Registrars are the current ones. From here on, the outgoing registrars have no responsibility.)

First of November

Issue “Call for Contract Registration Service” to all Monthly Meetings

Assistant to the Clerk

November to December

Receive and reply to questions from potential applicants

Registrars, Ministry and Oversight liaison.


Applications due to Registrars



Review applications

Registrars, Ministry and Oversight Liaison, Assistant to the Clerk

Late January

Negotiate contract if necessary. Bring budget request to Finance Committee.



Select a Contract Registration Service. Get Presiding Clerk’s signature on contract.

Registrars, Ministry and Oversight Liaison

First of March

Report to RepCom on selection of Contract Registration Service.


Following RepCom

Begin working with Contract Reservation Service


Appendix 2 to Registrars Job Description

Tasks and When Needed


Contract Registration Service

After previous year’s Annual Gathering, but prior to Representative Committee (typically late February or early March)
See Appendix 1, Process for Selecting and Approving a Contract Registration Service. See Appendix 1, Process for Selecting and Approving a Contract Registration Service.
Have someone designated to manage the on-line registration system.
Participate in meeting to develop fee schedule.
At Representative Committee
Attend. Assist Finance Committee in presenting fee schedule. Report on selection of Contract Registration Service. Listen for items to put in registration materials.
Between RepCom and Annual Gathering
Assist development of registration materials. Gather materials from Arrangements Clerks, Assistant to the Clerk, etc., and send to Contract Registration Service. For checklist of items, see Appendix 3. Develop registration materials, paper and elec­tronic. For checklist of items, see Appendix 3. For items to go on PYM’s website, coordinate with PYM’s web person.
Review development of on-line registration system. Verify that it works. Verify that on-line registration system works.

Assist with the distribution of registration materials. In addition to Friends and Meetings within PYM, information may be sent to groups to which PYM has representation (e.g. Friends World Committee for Consultation) and other groups to which PYM does not have representation (e.g. Friends Journal.)

Distribute registration materials. (Assistant to the Clerk is also involved.)
Receive registration materials (some paper, some on-line). Answer questions about registration. Send confirmations of registration.
Collect payments. As directed by PYM Treasurer, deposit funds in bank and report.
Consolidate information on days of attendance, housing and meal preferences, etc. Provide to site and to Finance.
Consolidate information on special needs, workshop & fellowship group interests, etc. & make available to PYM committees etc.
Assign sleeping quarters (rooms, campsites if the site has them, etc.)

Assist Registrars in assignment of sleeping quarters

Recruit volunteers to assist with check-in Create name tags and meal tickets
At Annual Gathering
Check people in during the main check-in period on the first day, working with Contract Registration Service.

At other times, decide on office hours, who accepts the registrations, etc., and then follow through.

Check people in, working with Registrars. Set up table, distribute name tags, meal tickets, etc. Adjust for any changes since receiving registration form (e.g, dates attending). Collect money due. For minors, gather permission slips etc. and forward.
Prepare list of attenders at Annual Gathering, for distribution at end of Gathering
Be ombudspersons. Receive and respond to problems and concerns. Provide updated info to PYM committees: children’s program, Junior Yearly Meeting, special needs, etc.
Coordinate with site staff Assist coordination with site staff. Provide updated meal counts to site staff, Registrars, etc.
Report on attendance to a business plenary
Announce that there will be an open process for selecting a Contract Registration Service for the next Annual Gathering. See Appendix 1.
At close of Annual Gathering, and after
Distribute list of attenders
Participate in evaluation session Collect payments still due
Authorize Treasurer to make refunds to persons who have overpaid Report to Registrars on persons who have overpaid
Participate in settling of accounts with site

Appendix 3 to Registrars Job Description

Checklist of Items for Registration Materials

Adapt as needed. For some of these items, registration materials may simply provide references. All references should be linked to specific pages within PYM’s website or other websites as appropriate.

o Presiding Clerk’s call to PYM Annual Gathering

o how to apply for financial assistance to attend Annual Gathering

o items relevant to families with children or teens, such as permission slips

o directions to site (driving, public transportation)

o site map including parking areas

o rules and regulations of site

o site security

o schedule of week’s activity

o list of interest groups, affinity groups, special events

o what to bring (e.g., towels, flashlights, etc.)

o meal ticket arrangements

o how to inform about special needs: dietary, mobility/access, etc.

Presiding Clerk

As approved by Nominating Committee, April 18, 2015


The Presiding Clerk of PYM should be a seasoned Friend, spiritually grounded, able to preside over a large group, and be able to work easily with others. Good institutional memory of PYM is desirable, including attendance at some recent annual sessions. He/she must be a member of a constituent Monthly Meeting. Familiarity with Faith and Practice and other Quaker literature is needed.

The Clerk should be able to comprehend readily, evaluate rightly, and state clearly concerns brought for consideration and items of business brought for action. He/she must have the ability to gather the sense of the Meeting, including to discern when unity has gathered the meeting together and when it has not.

The Clerk should be able and willing to make decisions on behalf of Yearly Meeting when immediate action is required and when an appropriate committee is not available to consider carefully and make a recommendation. In such cases the Clerk will consult with seasoned Friends in the yearly meeting, including officers and clerks of committees as the Clerk sees appropriate.

Computer access and competency are nearly essential.


The Clerk bears primary responsibility for the work of the Yearly Meeting, including the plenary sessions. He/she prepares the agenda and sets the time and place for items, sensing the importance or urgency and possible time requirements of the items. The Clerk coordinates the business between annual sessions, involving the Assistant to the Clerk and others as appropriate.

The Clerk is responsible for minutes of all meetings for business; minutes are prepared by the Recording Clerks. The Clerk is an ex-officio member of all committees of the Yearly Meeting and should attend at least some of the meetings of Ministry and Oversight Committee. The Clerk keeps close enough to the work of the committees to be aware of business which may come before the yearly meeting, discerning whether it is appropriate for Yearly Meeting action. The Clerk, in conjunction with Nominating Committee, keeps attuned to any committees which are not functioning well so that action may be taken to strengthen them. There is much preparation work, especially between Representative Committee meeting and the annual summer session.

The term of office is one year; however, clerks are usually asked to serve for three consecutive terms. It is assumed that, in accepting appointment as Presiding Clerk, that person would envisage being able to serve more than one term.


The Clerk:

Composes the Call to Yearly Meeting prior to annual session, and, with the Assistant to the Clerk, sees to its timely distribution.

Prepares the agenda for plenary sessions and for Representative Committee, setting the time and place for items on the agenda, and sensing the importance and/or urgency of the items.

Presides at plenary sessions at the annual sessions and at Representative Committee meeting.

In consultation with Ministry and Oversight Committee, the Clerk has the responsibility for deciding on:

The theme, if any, for the Yearly Meeting annual session.

The overall schedule for the annual session.

The selection of keynote speaker(s), if any, for the annual session.

The Clerk also:

Oversees the minutes of the yearly meeting’s plenary sessions (drafted by the Recording Clerks) and takes final responsibility for their accuracy and completeness.

Is responsible for final sign-off on the completed minutes of both annual session and Representative Committee. May require a special effort to see that the minutes are finalized for distribution in a timely manner.

Follows through on notification of tasks assigned by the yearly meeting, ensuring that the instructions of the Yearly Meeting are carried out. (Is ultimately responsible that instructions/actions are carried out.)

At the request of, and in consultation with, the clerk of Nominating Committee, may appoint Friends to fill critical officer, committee or other vacancies between annual sessions and Representative Committee meetings.

Signs all official papers and minutes.

Is available to meet with the Ministry and Oversight Committee as needed during the year and with other committees and individuals on an as-needed basis.

Is available throughout the year to respond to concerns that require a Yearly Meeting response, whether raised by individuals, Monthly Meetings, Quarterly Meetings, or from outside the yearly meeting. May require contact with or referral to other officers of the yearly meeting or with clerks of committees.

The Clerk is also responsible for the following tasks, which may be delegated:

Forwarding the PYM Epistles to Yearly Meetings throughout the world.

Selecting the location of any Representative Committee meeting which is not concurrent with yearly meeting sessions.

Receiving correspondence to PYM and distributing as appropriate.

Verifying that Representatives to PYM from each Monthly Meeting are appointed.


Can expect 8-12 hours of activity per week in the quiet months of the year in addition to preparation time for the annual session, Representative Committee, and time attending committee meetings, e.g., with Ministry and Oversight, as well as full time at the annual session and Representative Committee meeting.

The Clerk will find activity increases as Winter begins. Preparations must be made for Representative Committee. There should be communication with officers, committees, and meetings so all know their roles as well as when, where, and what is to be considered at Representative Committee.

Before Summer begins, the Clerk will again be communicating about preparations for annual sessions, distributing draft schedules and agenda, and making sure committees and officers are handling their responsibilities for the annual session. It is helpful to give guidance to Recording Clerks, Reading Clerk, and Assistant to the Clerk so that the “clerks at the table” can work smoothly together at annual sessions and support each other in their roles.

Follow-up to annual session requires particular attention to finalizing the minutes for distribution, assuring that assignments to individuals and committees are clear and being carried out, and distribution of the Epistle to all other Yearly Meetings is completed.