Communications Committee

Creation of a new Communications Committee of Pacific Yearly Meeting was authorized at Annual Session 2017 as part of a broader restructuring of PYM approved in AS Minute 2017-06.  The approved restructuring proposal describes the new committee in the following terms:

[The Communications Committee] could initially be created with the current Electronic Communications Subcommittee of Ministry & Oversight and the Secretariat Committee. As the name states, this committee would be responsible for communications within the Yearly Meeting (electronic and other) and would take on some of the related tasks currently performed by the Assistant to the Clerk (who would serve on this committee ex officio).  Communications Committee would be responsible for the Yearly Meeting’s online presence, including the PYM website, social media and other presences as these are developed. It would also be responsible for the Daily Miracle and the secretariat office duties related to Annual Session.

A more detailed job description for the committee is being worked out.


The Communications Committee’s predecessor, the Electronic Communications Subcommittee of Ministry and Oversight, or ECSC, has issued reports in the past.

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Job Description

See job descriptions page (Communications Committee’s is in process of being approved and isn’t yet available)