Faith and Practice Revision Committee

The Faith and Practice Revision Committee is charged with revising Pacific Yearly Meeting’s b00k of Faith and Practice.  It is a permanent committee of PYM but is called the Discipline Committee during periods when it is not actively engaged in revising Faith and Practice as it is now.  Full details of its charge can be found at the PYM job descriptions page.

The most recent past edition of Faith and Practice  came out in 2001.  Work to begin on a new edition was approved at the 2014 annual session.

The Revision Process

The Faith and Practice Revision Committee (FPRC) has transitioned to a “rolling revision” process, in keeping with Friends’ belief in continuing revelation and our practice of valuing the testimony of all members because “there is that of God in everyone.”

As Elfrida Vipont explains, Fox, at his famous Firbank Fell gathering “bade the people take heed of the spirit of God in their hearts and obey its guidance in their daily lives; he told them that the spirit that inspired the Scriptures was living and working still in the hearts of men and women, ready to reveal fresh truths”

– Vipont, Elfrida; The Story of Quakerism 1652-1952; Bannisdale Press, 1954; p.30

The rolling revision process utilizes electronic technologies, presenting text for revision on this webpage with instruction to monthly meetings on how to work with the material.  Meetings will discern their “sense of the meeting” with regard to the passage, and return this to the committee, who will then do final revision for presentation at annual sessions.  The committee expects to send out materials three times per year.  Finalized revisions will be incorporated into the online version of Faith and Practice:  A Guide to Quaker Discipline in the Experience of Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends.  The book will be available as a print-on-demand volume.

Faith and Practice Revisions Currently Under Review by Monthly Meetings

Reaching Out (posted March 2, due June 1, 2018)

Note: These documents are just placeholders to demonstrate the website and the process.  We are not quite ready yet for real feedback.

***Meetings are asked to reach unity on their reflections on the proposed revisions, and to send this seasoned material to the Faith and Practice Revision Committee by June 1, 2018. Please email tracked changes or written edits to:

Leadings (pending)

Unity with Nature Testimony (pending)

Youth Programs Coordinator (pending)


Faith and Practice Sections Revised for Review at Annual Session

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Current Faith and Practice with Revisions Approved at Annual Session

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Past committee reports

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