Ministry Committee

The role of the Ministry Committee is to “help foster the spiritual life and good order of the Yearly Meeting, by providing assistance and counsel to the Yearly Meeting clerks and endeavoring to make the annual session a fulfilling experience for all participants.” (PacYM Faith & Practice, 2001)

At the 2020 Annual Session unity was found to drop the word “Oversight” from the traditional name which was “Ministry and Oversight” or “M&O”.  There was not unity as to what word, if any, to replace “Oversight” with, so the name will remain “Ministry Committee” until such time as the issue may be revisited.

Meeting for Grieving
Sunday, April 25, 4:00-5:30 PM PDT

Friends, it has been a difficult year, now more than a year. We are carrying a lot of grief individually and collectively in our Monthly Meetings, Yearly Meeting and in the world. Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Ministry Committee has set aside a time to come together as a larger body to grieve, to voice the pain that we are holding, to lay down our burdens and to be held in the Love and Wisdom of God and in the arms of community.

Our Meeting for Grieving will be grounded in extended Worship and will convene and conclude in song. Please join us as we honor our condition in the presence of each other and in the presence of Spirit.

Join the Zoom meeting at
Meeting ID: 839 2078 3572
Passcode: 923834
Or dial in
+1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
+52 558 659 6001 Mexico
+52 558 659 6002 Mexico
+52 554 161 4288 Mexico
+52 554 169 6926 Mexico
+52 556 826 9800 Mexico


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Paid Administrative Support Position

In its report to Annual Session 2020, Ministry Committee proposed the following:

Pacific Yearly Meeting begin serious consideration of hiring paid administrative support for its activities. The need is urgent for someone who knows the Yearly Meeting, can integrate efforts across the entire organization, and can access reliable institutional memory. We see a need to relieve the Youth Programs Coordinator and Assistant to the Clerk from having to build infrastructure necessary to do their jobs, and to provide clerical, communication,and other assistance to clerks and committees to prevent volunteer burnout. We recommend the development and circulation of a proposed job description,followed by the holding of one or more threshing sessions in the Fall to consider the matter and produce a proposal in timefor consideration by Representative Committee in the Spring. A seasoned request could then be presented at Annual Sessions 2021.

A proposal has been circulated that includes the tasks that the administrative support person would perform. A threshing session will be was held on Saturday, February 6, 2021 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM PST to discuss the proposal. Notes from the Threshing Session can be found here.

Current Reports and Proposals

FGC Affiliation

Over the past few years, M&O has shared a number of resources to inform the discernment over whether PYM should affiliate with Friends General Conference.  Links to those resources are collected here, most recent first:

Prior Reports

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Job Descriptions

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Subcommittee Job Descriptions

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