Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee (or “NomCom”) makes nominations for most of the officer and committee positions of PYM.   If you would like to be involved in the work of PYM, contact the Clerk (see below) or any member of Nominating.  For a list of PYM positions and the current officeholders click here.

This page contains rosters, slates, reports and other documents, both current and historical, related to the work of Nominating Committee.  There is an important distinction here:

  • A “roster” is a complete list of approved PYM Officeholders for all the roles within PYM, i.e. Officers, Appointees, Committee and Subcommittee members and clerks, Representatives and Observers.  Quite a few of these roles are nominated or appointed by committees other than Nominating Committee.
  • A “slate” is a list of nominations (i.e. proposed names) brought for approval.  Slates do not always contain the names of everyone already approved or nominated through other channels.
  • A “report” is a narrative description of recent work NomCom has undertaken, often including policy changes or proposals.

The current Clerk of Nominating Committee is Julie Harlow of Davis Meeting.

Roster of PYM Officeholders

Rosters include names and Meeting affiliations (but not contact information) for all official roles within PYM

Current Roster

  • Current Roster as Web Page (updated for 2020-2021)
  • For the current roster as a PDF (best for printing) see below.
  • Contacts (names and email addresses of SOME of the PYM officeholders)

Past Rosters

Nominating Committee Reports

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Job Descriptions