Representative Committee

Representative Committee, or “RepCom,” plans for the Annual Session and considers business that needs attention before the Annual Session. RepCom is explained in more depth in Faith and Practice here. The PYM Presiding Clerk also clerks RepCom, with support from the Assistant to the Clerk and the Ministry & Oversight Committee.

RepCom Minutes and Reports (2001-present)

A “packet” (single PDF file) for each RepCom since 2001, containing the meeting minutes and committee reports for that year’s meeting, is available on the PYM Minutes page, where you can also access the minutes packets for Annual Sessions.

Links to Information Pages (2013-present)

A web page for each year since 2013.  In most cases the information on these pages duplicates what has been collected in the Minutes Packets.  In some cases there are a few additional documents or reports that weren’t included in the packet.

Minutes for Prior Years

Minutes for years before 2001 are currently only available on paper under the care of PYM’s Archivist, Jan Tappan (Orange Grove).

Contact Information

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See the Complete List of PYM officers, appointees, committee members, and delegates, linked from the Nominating Committee’s page.