2019 RepCom Reports and Minutes

Pacific Yearly Meeting’s 2019 Representative Committee meeting (“RepCom”) will take place March 1-3, 2019, at La Jolla Friends Meetinghouse.

REGISTRATION is open. Please register by Feb 1st. (Link opens in new tab.)

This page will contain reports and (eventually) minutes from the 2019 meeting.  For general information about Representative Committee and links to records from other years’ meetings, see the RepCom pages.

Reports for RepCom are due by Saturday, February 9th to the Assistant to the Clerk. Further instructions will be posted and shared with committee clerks and officers.

Clerk’s Call and Advance Materials

Clerks Call to RepCom 2019

Useful information:  A Roster of PYM committees and officeholders as updated 1/15/2019 can be found on the Contact Page.

Minutes Packet

after conclusion of RepCom

Committee and Officer Reports

Some Deadlines

  • REGISTRATION for RepCom – Feb 1.
  • REPORTS to RepCom deadline is Feb 9.  Instructions for submission are the same as for submission of annual session reports (just substitute “RepCom” for “Annual Session”).
  • BUDGET REQUESTS FOR ANNUAL SESSION AND GENERAL BUDGET AUGMENTATIONS: RepCom is where we approve the Annual Session budget as well as handle any mid-year general budget augmentations.  Requests should be submitted to the Finance Committee well in advance of the Feb 9 report deadline.
  • INTEREST GROUPS FOR ANNUAL SESSION:  March 3, 2019 (the end of RepCom), is also the deadline for committees to submit seasoned proposals for Interest Groups at Annual Session 2019.  See  How to Schedule an Interest Group at Annual Session for details.