Unity with Nature Committee

Unity with Nature [UwN] Committee’s function is to encourage, support, share, and bring forward Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends’ concerns, Witness, and Leadings for earth care and sustainability. Central to our concerns for the last many years is to slow and eventually stop global warming and its horrific proliferation of dire consequences for both humans and the whole ecosystem. We lift up and listen to each others’ living Testimonies caring for the earth.

UwN Committee’s page shares reports, links, and resources. Please email UwN’s current clerk with questions, comments, or suggestions or speak with any member of UwN committee. We welcome comments.

Testimonies, Minutes, and Statements on Earthcare and Climate Change

From PacYM Friends bodies

  • PacYM Minute of Accountability 2015 for reducing use of and divested from fossil fuels:
    • “We hold a deep concern for over‐reliance and investment in fossil fuels. We ask monthly meetings and individuals to engage in discernment on how to reduce their dependence and investment in fossil fuels. Meetings and individuals are asked to share their efforts with the greater community.” (Minute 2015-5)


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