Youth Programs Coordinating Committee

This page is for the business of the Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) and its employee, the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) — together aka YPC/C. See here for information about the various youth programs.

Contact Information

YPCC Co-Clerks for 2018-19 are Rebekah Percy (La Jolla / Orange Grove Meetings) and Bertha Pena (no Meeting / Mexico).

  • Rebekah Percy <>
  • Bertha Pena <>

The YPC Supervisor for 2018-19 is Barbara Babin (Redwood Forest Meeting)

  • Barbara Babin <>

Contact us

See the Complete List of PYM officers, appointees, committee members, and delegates, linked from the Nominating Committee’s page.

Announcements 5/16/19:

  • May 15, 2019 was Alyssa Nelson’s last day in the YPC job. You can read more in her farewell letter, YPC Epistle XIII – May 2019.
  • The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee will be making an announcement about the new YPC shortly. The end of Alyssa’s final epistle contains contact people for the interim.

Job Description

See job descriptions page


Reports from YPCC and YPC

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Epistles from the Coordinator (and some other bits, including photos)

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