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This page contains contact information for a number of key functions within PYM.  For information on additional communications resources within PYM (some of which are still in the planning stages), see the Communications Committee page.

Who’s Who

Roster of PYM officeholders (pdf file). This is a complete list all PYM officers, appointees, committees, committee members and delegates.  It (unfortunately) does not contain information on how to contact them.  Contact information for a number of key positions can be found below.  For other contacts see the Quarterly Meeting directories (Southern California QM and College Park QM, see below).

For more information about PYM committees and the nominating process (including how to volunteer to serve PYM), see the Nominating Committee’s page.

Presiding Clerk / Assistant to the Clerk

  • Sandy Kewman, Presiding Clerk
  • Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk

Both can be contacted by emailing <>.


  • Roy Allen, Treasurer  <>

Website Team / Communications Committee

  • PYM Website <>

If you have technical issues or notice errors on this site, or if you want to request that material be posted, please contact the web team. You can also use the web team address to contact Communications Committee.


  • George Mills, Secretariat Clerk <>, for matters relating to PYM Minutes.  Also, at Annual Sessions the Secretariat publishes “The Daily Miracle” bulletin each morning.


  • Joe Magruder and Lawrence Alderson, Registrars <>
  • For the mailing address to send payment for Annual Session registration, see the Contact section of the AS 2019 page.

Arrangements Clerk

  • Bronwen Hillman, Clerk of Arrangements Committee for Annual Session 2019 <>

Youth Programs Coordinator

  • Javaughn Fernanders, PYM Youth Programs Coordinator
    Email the YPC: PYMYouthProgramsCoordinator <>
    Call/text the YPC: (530) 563-6369

Official Business Mailing Address

Pacific Yearly Meeting
65 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Donations to PYM and other financial matters may also be sent to the Treasurer’s address as posted on the Finance & Treasurer page.

Social Media

Social media links can be found on our links page.

Local & Quarterly Meetings

Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups

List of Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups

Many of these meetings and groups maintain their own websites with contact information and meeting times.  The list includes links to the websites that we know about.

Websites of our two Quarterly Meetings