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*Note 1: Contact Form: We are working to reinstate an online contact form on this site. If you’re looking for someone not listed here, ask your local meeting’s PYM Rep for access to the SCQM and CPQM directories.

*Note 2: Role-Based Email Addresses: We are also working to reestablish our email addresses. For now, there are a few key roles using gmail addresses as listed below. If in the meantime you are in a role that needs an email address, please vet your address through Communications Committee so that we can maintain some consistency. If you don’t really need an address right away, please wait until we get the system going again to avoid causing unnecessary confusion.

Who’s Who

For a list of PYM officers, committee members, and representatives, and for more information about PYM committees and the nominating process (including how to volunteer to serve PYM), see the Nominating Committee’s page.

Presiding Clerk / Assistant to the Clerk

  • Diego Navarro, Presiding Clerk
  • Sharon Gates, Assistant to the Clerk

can both be contacted by writing to <>.

Website Team / Communications Committee

PYM Website <>

If you have technical issues or notice errors on this site, or if you want to request that material be posted, please contact the web team. You can also use the web team address to contact Communications Committee.

Youth Programs Coordinator

Alyssa Nelson, PYM Youth Programs Coordinator <>

Official Business Mailing Address

Pacific Yearly Meeting
65 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Social Media

Social media links can be found on our links page.

Local & Quarterly Meetings

List of Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups: Many of these meetings and groups maintain their own websites with contact information and meeting times.  The list includes links to the websites that we know about.

Websites of our two Quarterly Meetings: