Financial Assistance for PYM Annual Session

2018 Attendance Assistance

Look for this year’s attendance assistance application form within the online registration process.

Apply for Financial Assistance by filling out the form within online registration, linked from the 2018 Annual Session Info Page. This will send a notice to your Monthly Meeting / Worship Group, which must decide what portion they are giving and then forward that to the Friends handling PYM’s Financial Assistance by the posted deadline. (See below for further details.)


  • June 1st (extended to June 12) to fill out the online assistance request form to be sent to your MM/WG. Please note that the request form is due far in advance and requires going through your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group first. Start asap!
  • June 22nd: Ensure that the PYM M&O Attendance Assistance Committee receives an email notice from your Meeting or Worship Group to <> of the amount that they will contribute.
  • June 26th: PYM M&O will make their decisions and contact applicants. Please note that your meeting and PYM M&O may partially cover, not cover or cover in full the costs of your registration for Annual Session. Please be prepared to pay the balance of your registration fees.
Questions? Contact: Please email any questions or concerns about Attendance Assistance to <>
Young Adult Friends (YAFs): please apply through the same form as everyone else. If you or a friend  you’re bringing is not part of a Meeting or Worship Group and needs financial assistance, contact the PYM Youth Programs Coordinator to explore options <>.

Additional ways to lower your registration costs

See here for list of 2018 registration fees.

There are options to help reduce the cost to attend Annual Session. Our goal is to be able to help make it possible for every Friend who wants to participate to do so, including families.

Camping is the least expensive option for accommodations.

Part-time or commuter attendees are welcome. Some people choose to come just for the weekend days.

Long-Distance Travel Discounts: for carpools coming from 200+ miles and for travel from Hawai’i, Mexico, and Guatemala

Volunteer positions are available for adults to work with youth. Friends who are chosen to serve as Children’s Program Teachers or JYM Friendly Responsible Adult Presences receive a registration fee waiver.

Register on time: 5% late fee on or after June 13th. And registrations cancelled after June 12th will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee.

Previous years (archive)

Other Financial Aid

See here for funding for non-Annual Session needs, including grants.