Financial Assistance for PYM Annual Session

2017 Financial Assistance

Deadline was June 16:  Request forms for attendance assistance to attend the 2017 Annual Session are no longer being accepted.  Applicants will be notified June 23.

Please direct any questions regarding attendance assistance to Janet at
Young Adult Friends (YAFs), please direct your questions to Rebekah at

Additional ways to lower your registration costs

There are options to help reduce the cost to attend Annual Session. Our goal is to be able to help make it possible for every Friend who wants to participate to do so, including families.

Camping is the least expensive option for accommodations.

Part-time or commuter attendees are welcome. Some people choose to come just for the weekend days.

**New this year** Long-Distance Travel Discounts: for carpools coming from 200+ miles and for travel from Hawai’i, Mexico, and Guatemala

Volunteer positions are available for adults to work with youth. Friends who are chosen to serve as Children’s Program Teachers or JYM Friendly Responsible Adult Presences receive a registration fee waiver.

Previous years (archive)

Other Financial Aid

See here for funding for non-Annual Session needs, including grants.