Get Involved

This page is dedicated to the proposition that you have skills and interests that can help Pacific Yearly Meeting flourish and Pacific Yearly Meeting has jobs that can bring you joy and satisfaction and help you deepen your connections to Quakerism and to other Quakers.

The year-around work of Pacific Yearly Meeting is done almost entirely by volunteers. Over 120 people are currently volunteering on 20 different committees and subcommittees and in various other roles. They are members and attenders from nearly 30 meetings and worship groups throughout the yearly meeting. To see who they all are and what they are doing, visit the PacYM Roster page.

Even with all these volunteers there is much more that we could be doing with more hands. There is surely a place for you to help out. Working on committees is also a great way to enlarge your circle of F/friends beyond your local community.

The Service Survey form is where you can communicate your gifts and interests to the Nominating Committee (NomCom). Tell us about your skills and talents, what brings you joy, what kind of service calls to you, where is your growing edge, which jobs would you like to know more about, when will you be available for service. 

Some of the places where we most need help currently are:

  • Technical skills, website management, Facebook development: (as a committee member or as an adjunct not required to attend committee meetings)
  • Clerking experience
  • Willing to develop clerking skills
  • Children’s Program Committee
  • Youth Programs Coordinating Committee
  • Junior Yearly Meeting Committee
  • Statistical Co-clerk
  • Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer
  • Assistant to the Clerk
  • Religious Education Subcommittee of Ministry Committee

It is Nominating Committee’s job to match people with the best place to put their talents to use. After you have expressed an interest in a position, NomCom will combine that input with all the other information we have from previous surveys, interviews with many Friends, knowledge of what skills or gifts the position needs, recommendations from others, and their own spiritual discernment process.  When NomCom has reached agreement on the right fit for the individual and for the committee or other position, the names will be taken to the next business session – either Representative Committee or Annual Session.  Names are read twice, with time for seasoning and consultation between.  The approved names would take office following Annual Session unless approved at Rep Com to fill a vacated position.