News Archive

This page contains “news snippets” that have appeared on the Home page of the website but are deemed to have “timed out”.


  • RepCom 2020 (Representative Committee 2020) met March 6-8, 2020, in Visalia, CA.  Minutes of the meeting are now posted.  A resulting updated Roster of PYM Officeholders is also now available. (4/8/2020)
  • Secretariat: Progress is being made toward scanning historical meeting minutes of PYM and making them available on the PYM Minutes page.  Most minutes for 1947-1981 are now posted, with gaps in the 1960’s. (4/8/2020)
  • The Youth Programs Coordinator (YPC) Javaughn Fernanders will be leaving the position. Her last day at work was February 21, 2020. The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee (YPCC) will continue to respond to the YPC email address for any concerns or needs after her departure. Please continue to use for inquiries related to the Youth Programs of Pacific Yearly Meeting.


  • An updated Roster of PYM Officeholders for 2019-2020, current as of 11/14/2019, was posted on the Nominating Committee page.
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting is now affiliated with Friends General Conference.   See Clerk Sandy Kewman’s announcement for more details.
  • ANNUAL SESSION 2019 took place July 12-17, 2019, at Walker Creek Ranch.
  • The Youth Programs Coordinating Committee introduces the new Youth Programs Coordinator, Javaughn Fernanders.
  • Secretariat:  A complete list of all PYM Minutes of Action since 2001 is available on the PYM Minutes page.  Full minutes are also available for each of those years. Minutes for the first 11 years of PYM (1947-1957) have been added.
  • The Latin American Concerns Committee calls your attention to two  upcoming opportunities to engage with Friends projects related to Latin America.
  • San Mateo Worship Group, recently formed under the care of Palo Alto Meeting, is going strong.  They meet on 1st and 3rd First Days.  They welcome all seekers, including those new to Quaker worship, to join them.  See their website for details.