PYM Minutes

This page provides access to the minutes of Pacific Yearly Meeting business meetings held at Annual Sessions and Representative Committee meetings back to 2001.  We also have links to minutes from some earlier years, including the earliest years of PYM, i.e. from 1947, the year PYM was founded, to 1957. See the bottom of the page for more background on what is here.

Action Minutes Only

List of PYM Minutes of Action for all years 2001 through RepCom 2019(Action minutes for Annual Session 2019 are not yet added to this file, but can be found in the full minutes packet for AS 2019).

Packets of Full Minutes and Reports


Year Representative Committee Annual Session
2019 – 73rd year RepCom 2019
AS 2019
2018 – 72nd year RepCom 2018 AS 2018
2017 – 71st year RepCom 2017 AS 2017
2016 – 70th year RepCom 2016 AS 2016
2015 – 69th year RepCom 2015 AS 2015
2014 – 68th year RepCom 2014 AS 2014
2013 – 67th year RepCom 2013 AS 2013
2012 – 66th year RepCom 2012 AS 2012
2011 – 65th year RepCom 2011 AS 2011
2010 – 64th year RepCom 2010 AS 2010
2009 – 63rd year RepCom 2009 AS 2009
2008 – 62nd year RepCom 2008 AS 2008
2007 – 61st year RepCom 2007 AS 2007
2006 – 60th year RepCom 2006 AS 2006
2005 – 59th year RepCom 2005 AS 2005
2004 – 58th year RepCom 2004 AS 2004
2003 – 57th year RepCom 2003 AS 2003
2002 – 56th year RepCom 2002  AS 2002
2001 – 55th year RepCom 2001 AS 2001
We have made the first baby steps to producing scanned images of minutes for the years 1958 through 2000. We will add them to this table as we produce them. For now, what you see is what you get.
1969 – 23rd year AS 1969 without attachments
1968 – 22nd year RepCom 1968 AS 1968
Minutes from the first 11 years of PYM (1947-1957 inclusive) were published in issues of the Friends Bulletin (precursor to Western Friend magazine). These, and much more, are available online in the Western Friend “deep archive”.  The links here take you to the appropriate issue of Friends Bulletin in that archive.
1957 – 11th year AS 1957
1956 – 10th year AS 1956
1955 – 9th year AS 1955
1954 – 8th year AS 1954
1953 – 7th year AS 1953
1952 – 6th year AS 1952
1951 – 5th year AS 1951
1950 – 4th year AS 1950
1949 – 3rd year AS 1949
1948 – 2nd year AS 1948
1947 – 1st year AS 1947

Background and History

Pacific Yearly Meeting was officially formed in 1947.  For the first 11 years it existed “jointly and within” the older organization, Pacific Coast Association of Friends.  The early gatherings of PYM were held jointly with PCAF.  The minutes of both organizations (which met as one and the same gathering) were published in Friends Bulletin, the publication of PCAF that first came out in 1929.  The links above for 1947-1957 take you to scanned images of the appropriate issues of Friends Bulletin in the archives of Western Friend Magazine (today’s incarnation of Friends Bulletin).  We encourage Friends to visit the extremely useful Western Friend deep archive to explore more of the history of Friends in the Pacific region as reported in the issues of Friends Bulletin.

In 1958 the name “Pacific Coast Association of Friends” was officially dropped.  Informal reports about the PYM annual sessions continued to be published in Friends Bulletin but the actual minutes of the PYM sessions were published separately.

2001 was the first year that PYM minutes were published electronically on a PYM website (as well as on paper). It is these online minutes that are linked above for 2001 through the present.  Many of the earlier ones (especially 2001-2004) do not contain all the referenced reports (“attachments”), nor are the reports to be found posted on the website.  Generally since 2007 the packets do contain all, or nearly all, of the reports.  The minutes for RepCom 2001 and 2002 had to be scanned from paper to make them available here.   Regarding the minutes for years 2013-2018, see this status report.

Minutes for the “middle years” (1958 through 2000) are generally only available on paper under the care of the PYM Historian/Archivist (currently Jan Tappan of Orange Grove Meeting).  Copies are stored in archives in the Whittier College Library, but they are not accessible publicly there.  We are beginning to prepare scanned images of these minutes to make them available online, but that will be a slow process.  If you would like to volunteer to help make that happen, please contact the PYM Secretariat Working Group (