PYM Minutes

This page provides access to the official minutes of Pacific Yearly Meeting business sessions since 1947.  These cover plenaries at Annual Sessions and meetings of the Interim, Executive and Representative Committees.  The minutes packets also contain all committee reports (attachments) submitted for those meetings.  See the Background and History section for more information about what is here.

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Action Minutes Only

List of PacYM Minutes of Action for all years 2001 through RepCom 2019(Action minutes beyond RepCom 2019 are not yet added to this file, but can be found in the full minutes packets).

Full Minutes and Reports

Minutes are segmented into four tables, based on how PacYM structured its business procedures in different periods.  In addition to the Annual Sessions (AS) in the summer, business was conducted by Interim Committee (IntCom), Executive Committee (ExecCom) and/or Representative Committee (RepCom) between or concurrent with Annual Sessions as follows:

  • 1996-present: RepCom in Winter, AS in Summer
  • 1976-1995: RepCom in Winter and Summer, AS in Summer
  • 1964-1975: ExecCom in Winter, RepCom and AS in Summer
  • 1947-1963: IntCom in Winter and Summer, AS in Summer

1996 – Present

Since 1996 Representative Committee has met only in the Winter. All business in the Summer has been conducted entirely in Annual Session plenaries.
Year (1996-Present) Representative Committee Winter Annual Session Summer
2023 – 77th year RepCom 2023  
2022 – 76th year RepCom 2022
AS 2022
2021 – 75th year RepCom 2021 AS 2021
2020 – 74th year RepCom 2020 AS 2020
2019 – 73rd year RepCom 2019 AS 2019
2018 – 72nd year RepCom 2018 AS 2018
2017 – 71st year RepCom 2017 AS 2017
2016 – 70th year RepCom 2016 AS 2016
2015 – 69th year RepCom 2015 AS 2015
2014 – 68th year RepCom 2014 AS 2014
2013 – 67th year RepCom 2013 AS 2013
2012 – 66th year RepCom 2012 AS 2012
2011 – 65th year RepCom 2011 AS 2011
2010 – 64th year RepCom 2010 AS 2010
2009 – 63rd year RepCom 2009 AS 2009
2008 – 62nd year RepCom 2008 AS 2008
2007 – 61st year RepCom 2007 AS 2007
2006 – 60th year RepCom 2006 AS 2006
2005 – 59th year RepCom 2005 AS 2005 (completed 9/30/2021)
2004 – 58th year RepCom 2004 (completed 9/30/2021) AS 2004 (completed 9/30/2021)
2003 – 57th year RepCom 2003 (completed 9/29/2021) AS 2003 (completed 9/29/2021)
2002 – 56th year RepCom 2002 (completed 9/30/2021) AS 2002 (completed 9/29/2021)
2001 – 55th year RepCom 2001 (updated 9/30/2021, still incomplete) AS 2001 (completed 9/29/2021)
2000 – 54th year RepCom 2000 (incomplete) AS 2000
1999 – 53rd year RepCom 1999 AS 1999
1998 – 52nd year RepCom 1998 (incomplete) AS 1998
1997 – 51st year RepCom 1997 AS 1997
1996 – 50th year RepCom 1996 AS 1996     

1976 – 1995

From 1976 through 1995 Representative Committee met twice a year: once in the Winter and once in the Summer overlapping with Annual Session.
Year (1976-1995) Representative Committee Winter Representative Committee Summer Annual Session Summer
1995 – 49th year RepCom 1995-03 RepCom 1995-08 AS 1995
1994 – 48th year RepCom 1994-03 RepCom 1994-08 AS 1994 / DIA 1994 (Advance Packet)
1993 – 47th year RepCom 1993-03 RepCom 1993-08 AS 1993
1992 – 46th year RepCom 1992-03 / Ad Hoc Planning 1992-04
RepCom 1992-08 AS 1992
1991 – 45th year RepCom 1991-03 RepCom 1991-08 AS 1991
1990 – 44th year RepCom 1990-03 RepCom 1990-07 AS 1990
1989 – 43rd year RepCom 1989-03 RepCom 1989-08 AS 1989
1988 – 42nd year RepCom 1988-03 RepCom 1988-07 AS 1988
1987 – 41st year RepCom 1987-02 RepCom 1987-08 AS 1987
1986 – 40th year RepCom 1986-03 RepCom 1986-08 AS 1986
1985 – 39th year RepCom 1985-03 RepCom 1985-07 AS 1985
1984 – 38th year RepCom 1984-03 RepCom 1984-07 AS 1984
1983 – 37th year RepCom 1983-03 RepCom 1983-07 AS 1983
1982 – 36th year RepCom 1982-03 RepCom 1982-08 AS 1982
1981 – 35th year RepCom 1981-02 RepCom 1981-08 AS 1981
1980 – 34th year RepCom 1980-03 RepCom 1980-08 AS 1980
1979 – 33rd year RepCom 1979-03 RepCom 1979-08 AS 1979
1978 – 32nd year RepCom 1978-03 RepCom 1978-08 AS 1978
1977 – 31st year RepCom 1977-03 RepCom 1977-08 AS 1977
1976 – 30th year RepCom 1976-03 RepCom 1976-08 AS 1976

1964 – 1975

From 1964 through 1975 Representative Committee met only in the Summer overlapping Annual Session while a smaller Executive Committee conducted business in the Winter.
Year (1964-1975) Executive Committee Winter Representative Committee Summer Annual Session Summer
1975 – 29th year ExecCom 1975 RepCom 1975 AS 1975
1974 – 28th year ExecCom 1974 RepCom 1974 AS 1974
1973  –  27th year ExecCom 1973 RepCom 1973 AS 1973
1972  –  26th year ExecCom 1972 RepCom 1972 AS 1972
1971 – 25th year  ExecCom 1971 RepCom 1971 AS 1971
1970 – 24th year ExecCom 1970 RepCom 1970 AS 1970
1969 – 23rd tear  ExecCom 1969 RepCom 1969 AS 1969
1968 – 22nd year ExecCom 1968 (partial) RepCom 1968 AS 1968
1967 – 21st year ExecCom 1967 RepCom 1967 =
#1-3 of AS 1967
AS 1967
1966 – 20th year ExecCom 1966 (partial) RepCom 1966 AS 1966
1965 – 19th year ExecCom 1965 (poor quality scan)
RepCom 1965 AS 1965
1964 – 18th year ExecCom 1964 RepCom 1964 AS 1964

1947 – 1963

The 1947 Organization Committee Report called for a “Representative Committee” which could fix its own time and place of meeting.  The committee consisted of PYM officers and two representatives from each Monthly Meeting.  The report suggested that the committee meet in the Summer at the time of Annual Session, and at other times “upon the request of three members of the committee.”  Sometime between 1947 and 1952 the committee’s name was changed to “Interim Committee”, though its composition and charge were the same.  By 1955 at least it had become regular practice for Interim Committee to meet both Winter and Summer.  Research into the archives at Whittier College Library continues in search of possible Interim/Representative Committee minutes before 1955.
Year (1947-1963) Interim Committee Winter Interim Committee Summer Annual Session Summer
1963 – 17th year IntCom 1963-03 (poor quality scan)
IntCom 1963-08 AS 1963
1962 – 16th year IntCom 1962-03 IntCom 1962-08 AS 1962
1961 – 15th year IntCom 1961-03 IntCom 1961-08 AS 1961
1960 – 14th year IntCom 1960-03  IntCom 1960-08 AS 1960
1959 – 13th year IntCom 1959-02 IntCom 1959-08 AS 1959
1958 – 12th year IntCom 1958-03 IntCom 1958-08 AS 1958
1957 – 11th year IntCom 1957-03 IntCom 1957-08 AS 1957
1956 – 10th year IntCom 1956-03 IntCom 1956-08 AS 1956
1955 – 9th year IntCom 1955-03   AS 1955
1954 – 8th year     AS 1954
1953 – 7th year     AS 1953
1952 – 6th year     AS 1952
1951 – 5th year     AS 1951
1950 – 4th year     AS 1950
1949 – 3rd year     AS 1949
1948 – 2nd year     AS 1948
1947 – 1st year     AS 1947

Background and History

List of Annual Sessions

Pacific Yearly Meeting was officially formed in 1947.  For the first 11 years it existed “jointly and within” the older organization, Pacific Coast Association of Friends.  The “two” organizations met as one and the same gathering.  In 1958 the name “Pacific Coast Association of Friends” was officially dropped.   In the early 1970’s the yearly meeting split into three yearly meetings, Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain, with the name Pacific going to the one with the most members, largely in California.  The shorthand moniker “PYM” was used until PYM affiliated with Friends General Conference in 2019 and gradually began using “PacYM” to avoid confusion with Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

Here is a list of all PacYM annual sessions, including clerks, locations, number of PacYM members and other such data.  We haven’t yet built a comparable list of Rep/Exec/Interim Committee meetings, but you’re probably less interested in that sort of list anyway.

Here is a graph of the total number of recorded adult members of Monthly Meetings in PacYM over the years, as reported in the Annual Session minutes (this was not recorded in every year).

Publication of Minutes

Minutes for the years 1947-1957, when PYM and PCAF met jointly, were published in Friends Bulletin, the publication of PCAF that first came out in 1929.  After 1957 only informal reports about the PYM annual sessions were published in Friends Bulletin, not the full minutes.

Minutes for the years 1958-2012 were published and circulated on paper separately from Friends Bulletin.  Copies (with all attachments) went to all PYM officers and committee clerks, to each monthly meeting, and to “archives” (see below) and to other “interested individuals”.

In 2001 minutes began to show up digitally on a PYM website (as well as on paper), but it was an informal process.  Many of the early web versions do not contain all the attachments, nor are the attachments to be found posted on the website.  Generally since 2006 the website version has contained all, or nearly all, of the attachments.

The publication and circulation of paper minutes was discontinued after 2012.  Unfortunately it took some years for the website to embrace its role as the sole official publication of the minutes.  The full digital minutes packets for 2013-2016 were put together retroactively in 2018.  Publication of full digital minutes packets resumed in 2017.


Western Friend (today’s incarnation of Friends Bulletin) has made available on its website scanned images of all issues of Friends Bulletin back to the first issue in 1929.  We encourage Friends to visit the extremely useful Western Friend deep archive to explore more of the history of Friends in the Pacific region as reported in the issues of Friends Bulletin.  The minutes for PYM Annual Sessions 1947-1957 were downloaded as PDF images of the appropriate issues of Friends Bulletin in this archive.

Pacific Yearly Meeting has long maintained a physical archive of sorts. This includes (or should include) all the PacYM minutes and much, much more besides.  It is currently housed at the Whittier College Library.  However Whittier College only provides the storage space, it does not perform any curatorial services and has not integrated the materials into their collection.  The archive is stored in a dozen file cabinets in the basement of the library and is not accessible to the general public.   It is under the care of the PYM Historian/Archivist (currently Jan Tappan of Orange Grove Meeting).  It has not been possible even for her to visit the archive during COVID-19.  We have not yet determined how complete the collection of minutes is in this archive.

PacYM has also periodically sent materials, including minutes, to the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia.  There the materials become part of the FHL curated collection, which means they are catalogued and publicly accessible.  But they are only available on paper in the library itself, not online and not digitally.  Though there was a temporary halt in submissions after paper minutes were discontinued in 2012, a full set of paper minutes for 2013 through RepCom 2021 has since been sent.

There may be other collections of PacYM minutes held by monthly meetings or by individuals.  If you know of such a collection, please let us know.  The one we know about for certain is the personal collection of Stratton Jaquette, a member of Palo Alto Meeting who served as PacYM Clerk 1986-1988.  Stratton has been keeping PacYM minutes since 1969.

The PacYM website ( has only recently embraced its role as a digital archive of PacYM minutes.  There is no thought that a digital archive would replace the need for a physical archive as backup, but it has the obvious advantage of being far more accessible than paper.  We are striving to make this a complete digital archive of PacYM minutes.


The minutes linked on this web page were assembled as follows:

1947-1957:  AS (Annual Session) minutes were downloaded as PDFs from the appropriate issues of Friends Bulletin in the Western Friend deep archive.  The PDFs were then uploaded to this website on 12/7/2021, replacing links that previously took one directly to the deep archive.  IntCom (Interim Committee) minutes are scanned images of paper minutes from the PacYM archive at Whittier College Library. We are indebted to Christina Mecklenburg, administrator at the Whittier College Library, who has been scanning minutes for us from our archives there during the COVID-19 shutdown.  We will look for more of the “missing” Interim Committee minutes” (i.e. 1947-1955) when the library opens up again after COVID shutdown.

1958-1968: Both IntCom and AS minutes are mostly scanned images of paper minutes from the Whittier archive, done by Christina Mecklenburg.  A few we scanned ourselves from minutes we just happened to find in a box of Secretariat Committee materials stored for use year after year at Annual Sessions.  We are hoping to use the Whittier archive to fill the remaining gaps in the 1963-1968 minutes posted here.

1969-2000: Nearly all are scanned images we made of paper minutes from Stratton Jaquette’s collection.  They were scanned on an Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4740 Printer/Scanner at 600 dpi and then postprocessed using Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 on an iMac.  Scanning at 600 dpi produces very large files (about 4 megabytes per page), but the postprocessing reduces the size to under 1% of that while performing OCR to produce searchable text.  Lastly the files were converted to PDF/A format, the format recommended for archival purposes (and generally required by libraries).

2001-present: With a few exceptions these are digital originals (i.e. not scanned images) that were posted on the PacYM website.  In some cases each plenary and each attachment was posted as a separate file, so we combined them into a single PDF file.  RepCom minutes for 2001 and 2002 were not posted at all, so those two are entirely scanned images from Stratton’s collection.  Digitally posted minutes for AS 2001-2005 and RepCom 2003-2004 included all of the minutes but did not include all of the attachments.  On Sept 29-30, 2021, we completed those sets of minutes by adding scanned images of the missing attachments from Stratton Jaquette’s collection.  Only RepCom 2001 still has a few missing attachments that were not found in Stratton’s collection.

2013-2018: Concerning minutes for the years 2013-2018, see this status report.

Recent Status

  • The minutes for Annual Sessions from 1947 to 1957 are now (as of 12/7/2021) available directly as PDFs rather than as links into the Western Friend Deep Archive.  We are deeply grateful to Western Friend for creating the archive from which we have downloaded these images.
  • The minutes for Annual Session 2021 are now posted (as of Sept 16).
  • Previously missing attachments in the minutes for 2001-2005 were added on September 29-30, 2021.  This follows the (near) completion in Nov, 2020, of scanning of paper minutes for 1958 to 2000.  We now have all of the AS minutes and most of the RepCom/IntCom/ExecCom minutes since the beginning of PacYM in 1947, but a few of the minutes packets are still lacking attachments.  More work needs to be done to identify exactly which packets are still missing attachments and to find those missing attachments in other archives (Whittier or Swarthmore).

About the Search Box

The minutes search box near the top of this page was installed in November 2020.  It’s a customized Google search box configured just for PYM minutes.  It was a learning experience setting it up and it may not be perfect, but it has yielded some very useful results when researching certain topics over the past year. 

The efficacy of this search method also depends on numerous factors, among them:
• Google needs to have fully indexed recently uploaded minutes files.  They seem to have done a pretty complete job by now (Sept 2021), but it’s difficult to tell if everything is indexed.
• Search quality depends on the quality of the optical character recognition (conversion of image to text, provided by Adobe Acrobat) that was applied to the files.  The OCR often contains many errors, especially when the image is poor.
• Keyword search is often very frustrating anyway, even if the other two factors are under control.

But this is a start. Try using the “Search the Minutes” box above, and share your experience with us.  Maybe we can do something to make it better.

The Project

This page and project are under the care of George Mills, formerly Secretariat Clerk for PacYM, now “Co-Historian/Archivist (archivist)”, or “Archivist” for short.  Jan Tappan is designated “Co-Historian/Archivist (historian)”.  George can still be contacted at