Roster of PYM Committees and Officeholders

This is a listing of all Pacific Yearly Meeting committees and personnel (officers, appointees, committee members and delegates). This has been updated for the year 2020-2021 as approved at Annual Session 2020. Links are given for those committees with a dedicated webpage on this site. The nature of the landing page varies by committee.

PDF version for printing: PacYM-Roster-of-Officeholders-2020-2021-as-of-2020-08-14.pdf . Links to prior rosters can be found on the Nominating Committee page.

The date to the left of each name is the year the current appointment expires (at the end of that year’s annual session unless otherwise indicated). Each name is followed by the individual’s monthly meeting or worship group, and, in parentheses, the year of initial appointment. Committee clerk and delegation convener appointments are for one year. Vacant positions are indicated by an underscore __ next to the term-expiration year.

Presiding Clerk2021 Sandy Kewman, Grass Valley (2018)
Assistant to the Clerk
2021 Sharon Gates, Orange Grove (2017)
Incoming Clerk2021 Laura Magnani, Strawberry Creek (2020)
2022 Jan Tappan, Orange Grove (2013)
Junior Yearly Meeting (teen) Co-Clerks2021 Alma Moon, Strawberry Creek (2020)
2021 Robin Johnson, Santa Cruz (2019)
2021 Santiago Myers, San Francisco (2019)
(app’d by JYM)
Reading Clerk2021 Zae Illo, San Francisco (2020)
Recording Clerks2021 Raph Levien, Berkeley (2019)
2022 Tom Yamaguchi, Strawberry Creek (2020)
Registrars2021 Brylie Oxley, Grass Valley (2019)
2022 Lawrence Alderson, Orange County (2017)
Statistical Clerks2021 Sherri Sisson, Orange County (2017)
2022 David (DJ) Bloom, Appleseed (2018)
Treasurer2022 Roy Allen, Berkeley (2013)
(term through 9/30 of year shown)
Children’s Program CoordinatorsNone will be appointed for 2020-2021
(app’d by Children’s Program Com)
IT Administrator _____________________
(app’d by Communications Committee)
Website Editors George Mills, Palo Alto (2017)
Arthur Kegerreis, Orange Grove (2019)
Sharon Gates, Orange Grove (2019)
Ex Officio: Youth Programs Coordinator
(app’d by Communications Committee)
Youth Programs CoordinatorRebekah Percy, La Jolla and Orange Grove (2020) Interim appointment ends 8/31/2020
(app’d by YPCC)
Arrangements Committee2021 Ann Fuller, Santa Monica (2018)
2021 Lisa Hubbell, unaffiliated (2020)
2022 Bronwen Hillman, Mexico City (2017) Clerk
2022 Peni Hall, Strawberry Creek (2020)
2023 _____________
2023 _____________
Ex Officio: Registrars
Children’s Program Committee2021 Suellen Lowry, Humboldt (2019) Co-clerk
2021 Vivian Carlson, Honolulu (2017)
2022 Rhea Farley, Strawberry Creek (2020) Co-clerk
2022 ______________
2023 Molly Bishop, Redwood Forest (2020)
2023 Sandy Farley, Palo Alto (2020)
Ex Officio: Children’s Program Coordinator,
Youth Programs Coordinator
Communications Committee2021 Lawrence Alderson, Orange County (2018)
2021 Kate Watkins, Santa Monica (2019) Clerk
2022 George Mills, Palo Alto (2016)
2022 Allison Kirkegaard, Claremont (2019)
2023 Arthur Kegerreis, Orange Grove (2018)
2023 Keenan Lorenzato, Davis (2020)
Ex Officio: Website Editors, IT Administrator, Assistant to the Clerk, Youth Programs Coordinator
Faith and Practice Revision Committee(known as Discipline Committee when F&P is not under revision)
2021 Sue Scott, Inland Valley (2018) Co-clerk
2021 Ray Rischpater, Palo Alto (2020) Co-clerk
2022 Patricia Portillo, Sacramento (2016)
2022 Margaret Mossman, Berkeley (2019)
2022 Sarah Tyrrell, Berkeley (2018) IT Specialist
2023 Jim Anderson, Chico (2020)
2023 Diego Navarro, Santa Cruz (2020)
Ex Officio: Historian-Archivist
Finance Committee2021 Robert Levering, Santa Cruz (2018)
2021 Martha Hunkins, Humboldt (2019) Clerk
2022 Sherri Sisson, Orange County (2018)
2022 Doug Smith, Reno (2019)
2023 Sarah Bottom, La Jolla (2020)
2023 ____________
Ex Officio: Treasurer, Statistical Clerk
Holding Corporation → see PYM Holding Corporation
Junior Yearly Meeting (JYM) Adult Committee
(adult committee)
2021 Austin Stanion, Orange Grove (2018)
2021 Dan Strickland, Orange Grove (2013), Clerk
2022 ____________
2022 Suzanne Doss, Orange Grove (2013)
2022 Bertha Pena, unaffiliated (2019)
2023 _____________
2023 _____________
2023 _____________
Ex Officio: Youth Programs Coordinator
JYM Ministry Committee
(teen committee, app’d by JYM)
2021 Faith Cantu, Santa Cruz
2021 Linus Hartigan, Orange Grove
2021 Callum Standish, Berkeley, Clerk
2021 Elinor Steffy, Sacramento
2021 Fletcher Yost, Central Coast
Latin American Concerns Committee2021 Patricia Constantino, Mexico City (2020)
2022 Linda Rowell, Chico (2015 ) Co-clerk
2023 Sirgei Agalzoff, Orange Grove (2020)
Appointed by Casa de los Amigos:
Rogelio Bellamy Roque, Mexico City (2020)
Appointed by El Salvador Project:
Hulda Muaka, Palo Alto (2019)
Appointed by Guatemala Scholarship Program:
Donna Smith, Redwood For (2014) Co-clerk
Appointed by Undocumented Student Scholarship Program:
Patricia Portillo, Sacramento
Ministry Committee (formerly called Ministry and Oversight)2021 Kylin Navarro, Berkeley (2015)
2021 Elena Anderson, Redwood Forest (2018)
2021 Eric Sabelman, Palo Alto (2019)
2022 Valerie Nuttman, Santa Cruz (2016) Co-clerk
2022 Jim Summers, La Jolla (2016)
2022 Jorge Morales, San Jose (2019)
2023 Gail Eastwood, Humboldt (2018) Co-clerk
2023 Rolene Walker, San Francisco (2020)
2023 Shan Cretin, Santa Monica (2017)
Subcommittees of Ministry CommitteeAwaiting confirmation of memberships of the following subcommittees for 2020-2021. These are the names from 2019-2020.
M: Eldering SubcommitteeMica Estrada, Strawberry Creek
Gordon Bishop, Grass Valley
Elaine Emily, Strawberry Creek
Dorothy Henderson, Grass Valley, Co-clerk
Valerie Nuttman, Santa Cruz
Thistle West, Strawberry Creek, Co-clerk
Carl Magruder, Strawberry Creek
M: Racial Justice SubcommitteeMarlene Coach-Eisenstein, Honolulu
Mica Estrada, Strawberry Creek
Laura Magnani, Strawberry Creek
Carl Magruder, Strawberry Creek
Deborah Marks, Strawberry Creek
Juanita Mora-Malerva, Santa Cruz
Maryanne Michaels, Redwood Forest
Diego Navarro, Santa Cruz, Clerk
Kylin Navarro Burger, Berkeley
Bertha Peña, unaffiliated
M: Religious Education SubcommitteeGail Eastwood, Humbolt, Convener
Elena Anderson-Williams, Redwood Forest
Suellen Lowry, Humboldt (Liaison from Children’s Program)
M: Representative Support SubcommitteeShan Cretin, Santa Monica, Convener
Jim Summers, La Jolla
Eric Sabelman, Palo Alto
M: Respectful Relationships SubcommitteeThistle West, Strawberry Creek, Convener
M: Visiting SubcommitteeVisiting Subcommittee is currently fallow and has no members.
M: Worship Sharing Logistics SubcommitteeKylin Navarro Burger, Berkeley, Convener
Julie Harlow, Davis
Claudia Kirkpatrick, Sacramento
Naming Committee(also known as Committee to Nominate the Nominating Committee)
2021 George Gastil, San Diego (2019) Convener
2021 Amy Cooke, Grass Valley (2020)
2021 David Lederman, Orange County (2020)
2021 One Alternate, to be named
(terms through end of RepCom of year indicated)
Nominating Committee2021 Sue Torrey, Central Coast (2016)
2021 Gail Thomas, Santa Monica (2019)
2021 Joe Magruder, Berkeley (2018)
2022 Trudy Friedel, Inland Valley (2019)
2022 Lisa Hubbell, unaffiliated (2020)
2022 Hulda Muaka, Palo Alto (2019)
2023 Julie Harlow, Davis (2017) Clerk
2023 Liz Baker, Sacramento (2020)
2023 DJ Bloom, Appleseed (2020)
Peace and Social Order Committee2021 Linnea Hanson, Chico (2017)
2021 Brian Johnston, Santa Monica (2018)
2022 Shannon Frediani, Santa Cruz (2016)
2022 Zae Illo, San Francisco (2017)
2023 Betty Guthrie, Orange County (2019)
2023 _____________
Ex Officio:
SCQM Peace and Social Order Com Clerk
one PYM AFSC Rep
one PYM FCNL Rep
PYM Holding Corporation2021 Paul Harris, Redwood Forest (2018)
2021 Margaret Mossman, Berkeley (2018)
2022 Genie Stowers, Berkeley (2019)
2022 Stratton Jaquette, Palo Alto (2016)
2023 Jeff Kroeber, San Jose (2020)
2023 ______________
Ex Officio: Treasurer, Presiding Clerk
(PYMHC appoints its own officers, who are the following for 2020-2021:
President: Stratton Jaquette, Palo Alto
Secretary: Jeff Kroeber, San Jose
Treasurer: Roy Allen, Berkeley
Agent for Service: Lanny Jay, Appleseed)
Unity with Nature Committee2021 Keith Runyan, Santa Cruz (2020)
2021 Nancy Glock-Grueneich, Santa Cruz (2020)
2021 ______________
2022 Joseph Cotham, Live Oak (2020)
2022 Michael Dunn, Inland Valley (2020)
2022 ______________
2023 Andrea Beane, Santa Monica (2017)
2023 Gayle Matson, Chico (2020)
2023 ______________
Youth Programs Coordinating Committee2021 Barbara Babin, Redwood Forest (2016) YPC Supervisor
2022 Melissa Lovett-Adair, Ctrl. Coast (2016) Co-clerk
2022 Kiernan Colby, Santa Cruz (2019)
2023 _______________
2023 _______________
Youth members (nominated by YPCC, ap’v’d by PYM.)
2021 Nate Secrest, Lake County
2021 Ari Standish, Berkeley
2021 Alby Penney, La Jolla
Ex Officio: Youth Programs Coordinator
AFSC CorporationAmerican Friends Service Committee Corporation
2021 Ramona Hussey, Honolulu (2019)
2022 _____________
2023 _____________
Friends Bulletin Corp. (Western Friend) Board of Directors2021 Jim Anderson, Chico (2015) Convener
2022 Nancy Wilkinson, Strawberry Creek (2019)
2023 Kate Connell, Santa Barbara (2020) – nominated at Annual Session 2020, not yet approved
FCLCAFriends Committee on Legislation of California
(appointed by Peace & Social Order Committee)

2021 Vicki Carroll, Central Coast (2020)
FCNLFriends’ Committee on National Legislation
2021 Michelle Shields, Honolulu (2019)
2021 Allison Kirkegaard, Claremont (2019)
2022 Carolyn Levering, Santa Cruz (2016)
2022 Robert Levering, Santa Cruz (2016) Convener
2023 Klara East, Sacramento (2017)
2023 Mary Klein, Palo Alto (2020)
FGCFriends General Conference
2022 Don Kewman, Grass Valley (2020)
2023 Michelle Bellows, Strawberry Creek (2020)
Friends Peace Team Coordinating Council2021 Stephen McNeil, Strawberry Creek (2020)
FWCC Section of the AmericasFriends World Committee for Consultation Section of the Americas
2021 _____________
2022 Hulda Muaka, Palo Alto (2020)
2022 _____________
2023 Emelyn Buskirk, Live Oak (2020)
2023 _____________
QEWQuaker Earthcare Witness
(normally appointed by Unity with Nature Committee, this year nominated by Nominating Committee)

2021 Yumi Kawano, Big Island (2019)
2023 Patricia Constantino, Mexico City (2019)
Evangelical Friends Church Southwest2022 _________________
FUMFriends United Meeting
(The 2020 Triennial is not happening)
2022 ________________
RGAMReunión General de los Amigos en México
2022 Jorge Morales, San Jose (2019)