Roster of PacYM Committees and Officeholders

This is a listing of all Pacific Yearly Meeting committees and personnel (officers, appointees, committee members and delegates) reflecting appointments for the 2023-2024 committee year.  Most recent update: 2023-09-01, reflecting appointments made at the 2023 Annual Session. 
Download a pdf version of the 2023-2024 Roster HERE

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    • Service Descriptions: The charges to each of the committees and roles can be found on the Job Descriptions page.
    • Contact Info:  We have added role-based email addresses to this table for those roles that have them.  Some additional addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.
    • History: Rosters for prior years can be found as PDFs on the Nominating Committee page.

Legend:  The date to the left of each name is the year the current appointment expires (at the end of that year’s annual session unless otherwise indicated). Each name is followed by the individual’s monthly meeting or worship group and, in parentheses, the year of initial appointment. Clerk and convener appointments are for one year. Vacant positions are indicated by an underscore __.

Clicking on a committee name in the left column will take you to that committee’s web page if it has one.  In the right column the following symbols indicate additional information:
  ‘⇒’ indicates a role-based email address;
  ‘=’ indicates an alternate name or acronym;
  ‘:’ precedes other clarifying information.