Virtual Meetings

Many PacYM committees meet by phone and/or video throughout the year. This can help save resources as compared to the budgetary and environmental costs of in-person committee meetings, as well as saving travel time and making committee work more accessible to more Friends, although in-person meetings are preferable at times. Some of our PacYM events may from time to time allow folks to participate from afar, such as to view a keynote talk.

This page and support for virtual committee meetings are under the care of PacYM’s Communications Committee.

Paid video options

PacYM has a paid Zoom ‘Pro’ account through the Communications Committee and administered by the PacYM Assistant to the Clerk. This account allows for 2 Zoom meetings at the same time. There is no extra cost for individual committees or participants, as the annual subscription is paid through the Communications Committee’s budget. When not being used for PacYM business, this account is also available to Quarterly and Monthly Meetings. To be seen on video, each participant needs a computer with webcam, or a cellphone with camera; Zoom also allows for individuals to phone in, in which case the person will not be able to see or be seen in the video, but can hear and be heard.

How to schedule a Zoom meeting through PacYM

Contact the Assistant to the Clerk at to request a zoom meeting.  Please include the following information in your email request:

      1. Committee name
      2. Date you want to meet. (Check our PYM zoom calendar or our YPCC zoom calendar for likely availability.)
      3. One or two alternative dates for your meeting
      4. Start and stop time for meeting
      5. If this is to be a recurring meeting and, if so, how often it will recur

Please send your request at least a week in advance. Time slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and schedulers might not be available for a faster turn-around.

In addition, Western Friend has two Zoom accounts available to PacYM (and  IMYM and NPYM) committees. See instructions on the Western Friend website.

Free video options

The PacYM Zoom option described above is ‘free’ to participants and committees in that the annual fee is paid for out of the Communications Committee’s budget, which is funded by annual contributions from PacYM’s local meetings.

Zoom also offers a free ‘Basic’ personal account that anyone can sign up for to schedule their own meetings. This basic service allows for two people to meet for an unlimited time, and a 40 minute limit for meetings of 3 to 100 people.

Some other free options include Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

Communications Committee is setting up G Suite for PacYM and there will be a video conferencing option within that tool as well.


The information on this page is under the care of the PYM Communications Committee.

Visit the Contact Us page for names and email addresses of selected PacYM officers and role-holders.