Virtual Meetings

Many PYM committees meet by phone and/or video throughout the year. This can help save resources as compared to the budgetary and environmental costs of in-person committee meetings, as well as saving travel time and making committee work more accessible to more Friends, although in-person meetings are preferable at times. Some of our PYM events may from time to time allow folks to participate from afar, such as to view a keynote talk.

This page describes some free and paid options for virtual meetings. Clerks and Officers: for paid options, make sure there are enough funds in your committee’s budget by submitting annual budget and/or augmentation requests via Finance Committee.

This page and support for virtual committee meetings are under the care of PYM’s Communications Committee.

Video Meetings

Note that many video conferencing services also allow for people to call in by phone.

Paid video options

Zoom video conferencing service: PYM has a paid Zoom ‘Pro’ account through the Communications Committee and administered by the PYM Assistant to the Clerk. There is no extra cost for individual committees or participants, as the annual subscription is paid through the Communications Committee’s budget. To be seen on video, the participant needs a computer with webcam, or a cellphone with camera; Zoom also allows for individuals to phone in, in which case the person will not be able to see or be seen in the video, but can hear and be heard.

How to schedule a Zoom meeting through PYM

Instructions on how to schedule a Zoom meeting through PYM

In addition, Western Friend has two Zoom accounts available to PYM (and  IMYM and NPYM) committees. See instructions on the Western Friend website.

Free video options

The PYM Zoom option described above is ‘free’ to participants and committees in that the annual fee is paid for out of the Communications Committee’s budget, which is funded by annual contributions from PYM’s local meetings.

Zoom also offers a free ‘Basic’ personal account that anyone can sign up for to schedule their own meetings. This basic service allows for two people to meet for an unlimited time, and a 40 minute limit for meetings of 3 to 100 people.

Some other free options include Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts.

If and when Communications Committee sets up G Suite for PYM, there will be a video conferencing option within that tool as well.

Telephone Conference Calls

Anyone can set up a free phone conference call number with a service such as, or even use multi-party calling for free on a mobile phone. PYM also has paid accounts with TurboBridge for committees that have members who would otherwise have to pay international, long-distance, or local toll rates. These free options work just fine if your committee doesn’t need all the TurboBridge options (such as if everyone who needs to be on the call is in-country and has free long distance calling).

See below for details:

Free phone options

Many PYM committees have found to consistently work well if everyone has free long-distance. One person sets it up and owns the login and number, which stays the same for every call.

Your personal phone might have features for group calling, such one person uses the ‘add call’ function on their own phone to call everyone else into a group call.

See above for Zoom options, which allows for individuals to call into the video chat by phone (without video).

Most PYM committees have a paid phone conference call account with TurboBridge using a special code given to the committee by the PYM Treasurer. If you are a committee clerk or officer and have forgotten your committee’s code, contact the previous clerk of your committee, and if they don’t have it, then contact the PYM Treasurer.

Paid phone option through PYM

Note: The costs for TurboBridge calls come out of each committee’s budget line. A call for 10 people for 90 minutes usually costs around $10. If your committee doesn’t need international or toll-free access, consider using a free service. But also make sure that no committee member is being burdened with a personal cost — that’s why PYM committees have budgets, so use them!

Template for TurboBridge Call Instructions

Copy and paste these instructions to edit and send to your committee members. Or, email/text your committee members the code and a link to this page for the detailed instructions.

Remember to insert your committee’s specific conference ID number, which the committee’s clerk can get from the past clerk or from  PYM TreasurerPlease use your committee’s line and code, and not another committee’s, so that the charges on the bill can be correctly allocated.


Most people will use:
+1 (805) 309-2350
Conference ID Number for [Your Committee] ONLY: xxx-xxxx
And optional Host PIN: xxxx
See below for other options like international call numbers for TurboBridge, and free options:


HOW TO CALL IN TO TURBOBRIDGE: Call the appropriate number below that fits your situation (MOST PEOPLE will use +1 (805) 309-2350 ), and then enter the following info:
Conference Number: [Enter your Committee’s assigned code, as given by your clerk via the PYM Treasurer). Each committee has its own code.] 

If you’re in the US, please use the “Toll Access” number –option 1 below– (rather than the “Toll-Free” number) unless you don’t have enough free minutes on your personal phone, in which case use option 5.

Anyone outside the US: see Option 2 below for the local number to call from your location or use the Skype or WebAccess via option 3.

General instructions

Options for calling in on Turbobridge:
(These numbers and rates have not been double-checked for 2019.)

1) Toll Access (paid in part by your PYM committee’s budget – 1.9 cents/min -, plus your phone’s minutes or toll rate, if any) +1 (805) 309-2350 (1 cent/min paid by PYM for calls from USA)
Alternate +1 (714) 551-9842
Alternate with Spanish language prompts +1 (213) 632-3300
See for more options.

2) International Access (2.9 cents/min paid by your PYM committee’s budget)
Monterrey, MX  +52.81.4170.3636
Mexico City   +52.55.4631.9973  or Spanish Prompts: Mexico City +52.55.4164.7649

3) Web options: TB WebCall Chrome or Firefox browser only), or  Skype “TurboBridge” +99051000000481 (1 cent/min paid by your PYM committee’s budget, no charge to caller)

4) SIP

5) Toll-Free to caller (U.S. & Canada) +1 (800) 309-2350
(2.9 cents/min (US, except Alaska) or 3.9 cents/min (Canada) paid by your PYM committee’s budget; Alaska is 6.9 cents/min)

Alternate +1 (800) 551-9842 / Spanish +1 (855) 776-9889


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The information on this page is under the care of the PYM Communications Committee.

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