For Committee Clerks

Dear Committee Clerks,

We will soon be seeing one another at the annual gathering – hooray!  I appreciate the thoughtful engagement that the committees have had over the year.  Because plenary time is reduced by about 2 hours from last year, opportunities to showcase your work is limited in that venue.  You will need to rely more heavily on The Daily Miracle. table space and lunchtime tables (and this website).

Anthony Manousos suggested that one committee at a time sit in front of us all during plenary so that we all have a better sense of who carries out the work for us.  I would like to use that suggestion.  For the first session, those people who give us information about the campus space and our programs plus the officers will be introduced and sit in front.  On Tuesday, the M&O committee will be in front, Wed., P&SC, Latin American Concerns, Thurs., Unity with Nature and Sites committees, Friday, representatives to other bodies, and Saturday, unscheduled, so far.  I am imagining that all the committee members will be in front, not just the clerks.

I request that you post reports on the website – sending them to Don Bean – as you did for RepCom, especially if your committee has an issue to bring forward that takes some thought.  I felt that representatives had a better handle on our business last March as a result of having information in advance, and I think that it would be helpful, now, too. Having reports posted by July 18 would give folks time to think about the information prior to the annual gathering.

I hope that your committee work has been satisfying and that you’re looking forward to sharing what you have learned.

In peace,

Marilee Eusebio